Publix Announces Stores Will Give Away Free Cookies to Kids Again

by Anna Dunn

Great news for kids looking to enjoy the summer. Publix is offering free cookies to kids again! A spokesman for Publix told FOX 13 that the program would be reinstated after the store ended it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The policy, which allowed kids to get a free cookie, was ended in March 2020. Now, after over a year, kids can look forward to a sweet treat when shopping with their parents.

The news comes just as Publix has opted to make masks optional for vaccinated shoppers and employees. The Grocery chain recently offered its 225,000 employees $125 gift cards to get vaccinated.

While not every grocery chain offers free cookies to kids, the loosening of mask restrictions follows the lead of multiple other grocery stores. Trader Joe’s, Walmart and Costo have also reversed mask rules, allowing vaccinated customers to go mask-free. This came after the CDC announced that vaccinated individuals don’t have to wear masks in certain indoor settings.

The company mentioned on their website that they still have some rules in place. “In accordance with CDC guidelines, individuals who are not fully vaccinated are required to use face coverings over their noses and mouths while inside any Publix store,” their website reads.

Publix Prides Itself on its Baked Goods

Publix loves their bakery. Adults and kids alike like their fresh cookies. The bakery plant for the supermarket churns out a shocking amount of baked goods for the 1,200 stores. The chain has stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Gaye Pate, a bakery general manager once told FOX 13 that they make “twenty-four hundred cookies a minute, and every one of those cookies have about 45 to 50 chips in each cookie.”

The company uses over 2 million pounds of flour each week and 400,000 pounds of sugar. Parents on Twitter are already posting photos of their kiddos enjoying the sweet treats. Adults do have to pay for Publix’s cookies, but most would say that the cookies are definitely worth it.

While vaccinated adult customers may opt to go mask-free, the real treat comes for the kids. Many people have incredibly fond memories of eating Publix cookies as a kid. It’s a fan favorite policy and a good sign that the pandemic is getting less severe.

The free cookies announcement comes just in time for summer. As more and more people get vaccinated, and numbers start coming down hopefully more of the simple things people lost during the pandemic will start to come back.