Puddle of Mudd Guitarist Suing Hospital, Claims Stay Caused Him Brain Injury

by Matthew Wilson

One musician is going from a concert venue to a courtroom. Former Puddle of Mudd guitarist Paul Phillips is suing a Florida hospital that treated him. Phillips is suing for medical malpractice.

Like many artists, Phillips has music on the brain. But the guitarist claims he hasn’t been able to play in over a year due to a brain injury. Phillips alleges he suffered a brain injury while in the care of the medical staff at Florida’s Baptist Medical Center of the Beaches.

Phillips says his life and also his music have been negatively impacted. According to TMZ, the former Puddle of Mudd guitarist is suing the hospital and a few of its doctors. Phillips says he now has a serious seizure condition as a result.

Phillips first went to the hospital back in November 2019. The guitarist experienced both an altered mental state and also had a seizure at the time. Phillips says in the suit that he was worried for his health. But he hasn’t been the same since then.

According to the hospital tests, doctors discovered that Phillips had low levels of sodium. Low sodium levels are called hyponatremia and can be dangerous. Likewise, high levels of sodium are called hypernatremia. Both low and high levels of sodium can cause brain damage, permanent disability, and even death.

Puddle of Mudd Guitarist Sues For Damages

Phillips claims his disability was caused by malpractice on the doctors’ part. He believes they didn’t properly monitor his sodium levels. Instead of gradually bringing the levels to normal, Phillips claims, doctors made his sodium levels rise too quickly. The former Puddle of Mudd guitarist believes this permanently damaged his brain.

According to the lawsuit, Paul had to return to the hospital just three days after getting discharged. The musician underwent MRI exams on his brain. According to the suit, these test results showed conclusive brain damage. And Phillips is holding the hospital at fault as a result.

Now, Phillips has lawyered up with Morgan & Morgan to wage war in court. The musician says he is still experiencing seizures and other issues as a result. Currently, Phillips has sought treatment at the Mayo Clinic. But he believes he will face these issues for the rest of his life and doesn’t know if he will ever be able to play music again.

Currently, Phillips is suing both the hospital and two doctors on staff. The guitarist is most prominently known for playing with Puddle of Mudd. He played with the band from 1999 to 2005 and returned to play once more from 2009 to 2011.