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‘Pushing The Line’: Discovery+ Adds New Show Following Elite Highliners in the American West

by Keeli Parkey
Credit: Discovery 'Pushing the Line' Youtube video

If you are looking for something exciting to watch this weekend, discovery+ is the place for you! The popular network is debuting the thrilling new show, “Pushing The Line.”

This new show will leave you with your heart pounding and make you nervous. It follows a group of elite highliners as they face death while chasing excitement hundreds of feet above the ground.

What are highliners? According to a press release from discovery+, they are daring individuals who walk on a 1-inch rope hundreds of feet above the ground. To put this in perspective, the rope they use is thinner than a belt.

In addition to requiring bravery and mental toughness, highlining also requires that the individuals are physically strong. To be a highliner, you must be athletic. Walking on such a narrow line for long distances means that you have to have excellent balance, as well as stamina.

“Highlining is the coolest sport that you’ve never heard of,” the press release said. And judging by the trailer for the new show, that is very true.

‘Pushing The Line’ Will Profile Top Highliners Fearlessly Facing the Sport’s Challenges

“Pushing The Line” will follow a group of some of the best highliners active in the sport today. These daring men and women include Spencer Seabrooke, Andy Lewis, and Mia Noblet. A gang of up-and-coming highliners will also be featured in the show.

Lewis is known as the “Godfather.” He helped create highlining. And, he even made an appearance with legendary pop star Madonna at the Super Bowl. Noblet is the record holder for the longest walk – this includes both men and women.

Not only will the show have footage of them crossing vast spans on that very narrow wire, it will also take a look at what makes them want to “live every day like it could be their last.” “Pushing The Line” will examine why these athletes decide to put their lives on the line for their sport.

To film the show, the “Pushing The Line” crew followed these athletes for 30 days. Each week, viewers of the show can expect the highliners to attempt new stunts in different locations of the American West. Among these locations is Moab’s Fruit Bowl. This will require a line 500 feet above the ground.

The group will also go 400 feet high on the Castleton Tower. From there, they will string lines to span the Colorado Rockies. If they succeed in this endeavor, they will break the United States record for the highest kilometer walk in history.

“Pushing The Line” will debut for streaming on discovery+ on Saturday, June 5.