Queen Guitarist Brian May Has Home Destroyed by ‘Brutal’ Floods

by Megan Molseed

The destruction was devastating. And, it was enough to send Queen guitarist Brian May and his wife out the door to find a new home outside of London.

Brian May revealed that he and his wife, Anita Dobson, are leaving London for good. This announcement comes after the July flood destroyed their Kensington home. The flood destroyed many of the couple’s priceless belongings. In a series of Instagram videos, the Queen guitarist explained how the devastation has affected him and his family. The guitarist also explained why this disaster was enough to send him and his wife packing.

“This devastation is a direct result of the infamous RBKC allowing the ruination of our quality of life,” said May in a July Instagram post. Shortly after the flooding destroyed the home. “I hold them responsible for all the misery that is going on in my neighborhood tonight.”

The shocking video shows items belonging to the Queen guitarist and his wife strewn about the floor; covered in sludge and water.

The July Floods Were A Catalyst For Queen Guitarists Decision To Leave London

Brian May explained how the floods were simply the final push for the couple deciding to move on from the area.

“The house is wrecked and it is heart-breaking,” the iconic Queen musician said of the July 12 flood. “The funny thing is we actually hated living where we are for a long time.”

May has also said that he and his wife have worked hard to put “a lot of love and care into building the house.” But “the surroundings have been horrible.”

Over the years, May explains, recent construction, as well as traffic noise, dust, pollution, have led to a “brutal” situation in the city.

“London is brutal,” he said.

A Devestating Sight

In another Instagram post, the Queen guitarist showed piles of priceless photos that had been ruined in the devastation, along with the major damage done to areas of the home.

“After a nice day at The Royal Holloway College, we came back to horror in our house,” the rocker said in another Insta post.

“The whole bottom floor had been inundated with a sewage overflow,” he continued. “Which has covered our carpets, rugs, and all kinds of precious (to us) things in a stinking sludge.”

May noted that much of the construction that has been going on in the Kensington area is to build basements. A project he says that likely led to the devastating floods.

‘The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council was warned years ago that sinking so many deep basement extensions would obstruct the aquifers underneath our living space and render the drainage system ineffective,” explained the Queen guitarist. “I’m devastated,” he said.