Quentin Tarantino Calls Out Streaming-Only Films: ‘It’s Depressing’

by Joe Rutland

Film director Quentin Tarantino is no fan of streaming-only movies. In fact, he has some choice words about studios that do this.

In an interview published on ScreenRant, Tarantino lays down his message around using streaming services to launch films.

“I think it’s depressing,” Quentin Tarantino said. “I’m glad that I’m working with Sony, which doesn’t deal with that.

“They haven’t gone down that route,” he said. “…It just really makes me think about 2019, when we came out with ‘Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood,’ it really makes me think that, wow, myself and ‘Joker’ and ‘1917’, it was like we were birds that just flew through a window just as the window was slamming shut. And we practically got our tail feathers caught by the slam. But we got out in time.”

It should be noted that Sony was one of the first studios to adjust its film release schedule after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. According to ScreenRant, they decided in March 2020 to move all of their film releases out to 2021.

Obviously, Tarantino has directed such movies as “Pulp Fiction” and “Natural Born Killers.” He also has contributed to making sure films remain popular by purchasing movie theaters.

Quentin Tarantino Film ‘Pulp Fiction’ Debuted At Cannes Film Festival

Speaking of “Pulp Fiction,” the Quentin Tarantino movie debuted back in 1994 at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

On May 21, 1994, Tarantino was joined by cast members John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson, among others, at the premiere.

Tarantino, though, has been back and forth regarding his attendance at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2019, he made a big splash with “Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood.” Quentin Tarantino received a seven-minute standing ovation and had some kind words for those in attendance.

‘Thank you for being such a fantastic audience for the first time we’ve ever shown it to an audience,” Tarantino told the crowd after the screening, thanking the studio, producers, cast, and crew.

The movie starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie. According to IMDb, “A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.”

Besides the two films already mentioned, other Quentin Tarantino films include “Reservoir Dogs,” “Jackie Brown,” “Kill Bill: Volume 1,” “Kill Bill: Volume 2,” and “Django Unchained.”

But what are Tarantino’s favorite films? Well, he replied with his top 12 list for “Sight & Sound” in 2012. They include “Apocalypse Now,” “The Bad News Bears,” “Carrie,” “Dazed and Confused,” “The Great Escape,” “His Girl Friday,” “Jaws,” “Pretty Mades All in a Row,” “Rolling Thunder,” “Sorcerer,” “Taxi Driver,” and “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”