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Rachel Maddow Taking Hiatus From MSNBC To Film Movie With Ben Stiller

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC)

Rachel Maddow is reportedly taking a hiatus from her MSNBC show to film a movie directed by Ben Stiller and other podcast projects.

An MSNBC source confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Rachel Maddow is planning to announce the news on her show later on Monday (January 31st). The show will have a rotating group of hosts that are expected to fill in for her while she’s on hiatus. However, Maddow will continue to appear on special event coverage. This includes the upcoming State of the Union address, which will take place on March 1st. 

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that it isn’t immediately clear how long Rachel Maddow’s hiatus from her MSNBC show will be. However, the source said it would be several weeks. It will also last all of February and at least into March. 

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow reportedly has numerous projects that are currently in the works. This includes her new podcast and a film adaptation of one of her books. She is also planning to release the paperback edition of her Bag Man book in April. 

Rachel Maddow’s hiatus comes months after the MSNBC host announced she was undergoing surgery for her skin cancer. Maddow revealed the news on her self-titled show. But reassured the audience that she is going to be absolutely fine. It was revealed that her longtime partner, Susan Mikula, spotted the abnormal-looking mole on her neck. 

“Long story short, Susan was right,” Rachel Maddow confirmed. “I went to a dermatologist. Did a biopsy. Turns out it was skin cancer.”

Here Are More Details About Rachel Maddow’s ‘Bag Man’ Podcast 

According to its website, Rachel Maddow’s Bag Man podcast is about the wild crimes; audacious cover-up; and spectacular downfall of a “brazen crook” in the White House. 

The description of the podcast reads, “Is it possible for an American Vice President to carry out a criminal enterprise inside the White House and have nobody remember? To have one of the most brazen political bribery scandals in American history play out before the county while nobody’s paying attention? In her first original podcast, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow goes back 45 years to dig into a story that got overshadowed in its day.”

The events occurred in 1973 and Spiro T. Agnew, the former Maryland governor, was President Richard Nixon’s second-in-command. “Long on firebrand rhetoric and short on political experience, Agnew had carried out a bribery and extortion ring in office for years. At the height of Watergate, three young federal prosecutors discovered his crimes. [They] launched a mission to take him down before it was too late.”

Rachel Maddow teamed up with Michael Yarvitz to share details about the investigation that exposed Agnew’s crimes. Those crimes notably forced Agnew to resign in order to spare I’m from years in federal prison.