Radio City Rockettes Are Already Getting Ready for Christmas

by Shelby Scott

The Radio City Rockettes are already getting ready for their “annual Christmas spectacle after a year of long-missed and looked-forward-to performances and events. Last year’s event was canceled for the first time ever in the history of the high-kicking dance group due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tickets for this year’s Spectacular are already on sale. Due to 2020’s cancelations, they are sure to sell out quickly. As of right now, no announcements were publicly made when it comes to masking mandates and vaccine requirements. However, because of the show’s popularity and the large audiences it attracts, Rockette fans should hear something soon.

Show promoters are currently encouraging those holding tickets or planning on securing tickets to check in with their page closer to November. During this time, the Christmas showcase is scheduled to start and the organization plans to release further information. This year, performances run from November 5, 2021 to January 2, 2022.

What Do the Christmas Spectaculars Consist of?

The Radio City Rockette Christmas Spectacle is an NYC show favorite and maintains a similar base theme each year. Basically, the show consists of an original music score that combines singing, dancing, and some humor and traditional scenes. In 2006, Linda Haberman became the first solo director and choreographer for the group. With her, the Rockettes took their Christmas Spectacular on the road. During that time, they visited 80 cities across the US.

Haberman ended the touring exhibition in 2014 to figure out new ways to highlight the group and their talents. The Rockettes have been performing in their Christmas Spectacular for decades. Typically, Christmas shows run between early November and early January as mentioned before. Because this show is their biggest of the year, it makes sense they are already beginning preparation for their performance.

To secure tickets for this year’s Christmas show now, visit the attached link.

Approaching a Century of the Radio City Rockettes:

The group is nationally known as the United States’ high-kicking dance troupe. They first made their appearance in 1925 and have grown their popularity exponentially. They have since become “American icons,” and symbolize what an individual can accomplish with passion and hard work. Since 2015, they have been doing several other shows outside of their Christmas Spectacular.

The Rockettes are a diverse troupe and were one of the first entertainment groups to participate in the war effort in the 1940s. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, they began traveling to various locations and military bases around the US. American cinema often features these women in their plotlines during scenes portrayed in this era.

In more recent years, the Rockettes have performed on various stages and shows around the United States. Some include “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, “Project Runway,” and “The TODAY Show. The group also interacts with followers on Instagram. Here, they feature free dance and fitness classes. You can find and follow them with the tag @therockettes.