Rams and Bengals Players Questioned Why Dwayne Johnson Was at Super Bowl

by Chase Thomas

The Los Angeles Rams took down the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday in the Super Bowl LVI 23-20. It was an incredible back-and-forth affair where the Rams and Matthew Stafford ultimately came out on top at the end of the night. However, before the game even got started, there were questions about what was going on. Yes, Rams and Bengals players questioned why Dwayne Johnson was at the Super Bowl.

It was a fair question by the players. One assistant in Cincinnatti said to Zac Taylor, “Is that The Rock?” The star quarterback of the Bengals Joe Burrow asked his backup, Brandon Allen, “What is he doing out there?”

However, Johnson is about as Hollywood as it gets. The former WWE champion turned movie star is one of the highest-paid actors in the industry and stars in more and more films by the year. His opener for the game in Los Angeles made a lot of sense from that perspective. Plus, you combine that with the promos that he became known for in the WWE and you understand why he may have gotten the gig of opening the event.

Joe Burrow Can’t Beat Rams

Burrow was on an all-time hot streak coming into Los Angeles. He took down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs the previous game in the AFC title game. Before that, he beat the No. 1 seed Tennessee Titans in Nashville. Burrow would have been the first quarterback to win the Heisman, National Title, and the Super Bowl. It has not been done before. It has not been done now after the loss.

Still, the Bengals gave the Rams all they could handle in this game. The Rams were not able to run the football on the Bengals. So, Matthew Stafford had to step up and carry the Rams in the second half to victory. Late in the fourth quarter, Stafford found Cooper Kupp to put the Rams up 23-20 late. The Rams would not relinquish that lead later on.

Still, Joe Burrow got the ball last. In the last two games, fans got to see Burrow bring his team back to victory. He already found Tee Higgins deep for a score earlier in the game. He found J’Marr Chase earlier in the half, too. Now, he needed one final drive to make it all work. He drove to midfield where it came down to two critical plays. First, the Bengals handed it off on third-and-short only for the Rams and Aaron Donald to snuff it out and hold them. Then, Burrow was sacked by Donald on fourth down to end the game. However, what Bengals fans saw later was Chase was open down the sideline, and had Burrow not been sacked to end the game the Bengals could have won if Burrow had the time.

However, he did not and the Los Angeles Rams became world champions.