Rapper Kid Cudi Performs in Dress on ‘SNL’ Honoring Kurt Cobain

by Matthew Wilson

Rapper Kid Cudi appeared last night (April 10) as the musical guest on the variety show “Saturday Night Live.” And his outfit of choice has the Internet talking.

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, or Kid Cudi, wore a floral dress during one performance. Many viewers saw the wardrobe as a tribute to late grunge singer Kurt Cobain. Cobain famously donned a dress himself when he appeared on the 1993 cover of The Face, a British defunct magazine.

Cudi wore the floral dress during a performance of his song “Sad People” for the show. The song features on “Man on the Moon III: The Chosen,” his latest album. He also performed the song “Tequila Shots” from that album as well. During that performance, Kid Cudi honored Cobain once again by wearing a green cardigan, similar to the one that Cobain wore. Kid Cudi also wore a tee-shirt emblazoned with the photo of late “Saturday Night Live” comedian Chris Farley. Farley passed away in 1997 following a drug overdose.

Kurt Cobain Remembered

Kid Cudi honored the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. This past week marked the 27th year since Cobain passed away. The Nirvana singer died by suicide on April 5, 1994 at his home in Seattle. The grunge singer struggled with depression and mental illness for much of his life. In the days leading up to his death, Cobain grew increasingly suicidal and erratic even as those closest to him tried to get him help. Ultimately, Cobain lost his battle with depression.

The singer was part of the infamous 27 Club, singers and musicians who passed away at the age of 27. But despite his untimely death, Cobain’s contributions to music continue to be felt. Nirvana was one of the most influential bands of the grunge movement. They produced songs such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “In Bloom,” and “Come As You Are.”

Cobain’s vocal talents observe a quasi-immortality along with other great, late musicians. His songs continue to play on radio stations and inspire others. Despite the differing genres, Kid Cudi was obviously a fan of Cobain and his music. On the collaborative album with Kanye West, Cudi included a riff from one of Nirvana’s songs in the song “Cudi Montage.” 

Kid Cudi has been open in the past about his own difficulties and struggles with mental illness. The rapper thought it appropriate to honor Cobain and his contributions in a way that the singer would have enjoyed. Cobain may be gone but he’s not forgotten.