Ray Liotta Reveals He Felt Like ‘an Outsider’ on Set of This Show

by Courtney Blackann

In a recent interview, famed actor Ray Liotta opened up about his new role on Amazon Prime’s scifi drama “Hanna.” Liotta joins the cast in its third and final season and discusses how he felt like the ‘outsider’ on set. Though he’s a seasoned actor, he still faced challenges when it came to getting into the role in a way he felt comfortable.

Speaking with Looper, the “Goodfellas” actor opened up about what coming into the established series meant to him.

“I had never seen the show and so before I read the script, I wanted to get a sense of what it was, and I really liked the acting and the style in which they did it. I read the part and I really liked it..,” he says.

While he was unfamiliar with the drama, he said the cast and crew definitely helped him feel welcome as he learned to navigate the plot line of the drama.

“Me, I was kind of like the outsider but everybody was just so nice that they made it fun. But also too, I was playing a character that doesn’t really connect with any of those people. So you sometimes want to step back or keep an arm’s distance just to continue the character that way a little off camera,” Liotta remarks.

Ray Liotta on “Hanna” Cast and Crew

While it may have been a bit like playing catch up, the actor says he had fun stepping into something new and different.

Liotta has one primetime Emmy and several other awards for his portrayal of characters throughout the years. When he filmed “Goodfellas,” directed by Martin Scorsese, it boosted his career. He quickly became a known face in Hollywood – and that lead to roles in other dramas. These include “Field of Dreams,” “Hannibal,” “Observe and Report,” and most recently Adam Driver’s “Marriage Story.”

On working with the cast and crew of “Hanna,” Liotta details how the actors were telling such a great story and that made his character feel even more real. This eased him into the role and created something meaningful for the story’s final tale.

“Oh, it was great … And they’re just really, like you said, they’re really, really good actors and good actors, you’re comfortable, they draw you in when you’re doing it. But they were both great. If there was something in this script that they weren’t sure about or they felt like they said already, they had no problem coming out and saying this, which just shows that they cared about what was going on. They were just like, “Whatever, I’ll say whatever, let’s just get this over with.”