Reba McEntire Names the Song Coming Out On Triple Album That She Likes ‘More’ Than Its Original Release

by Megan Molseed

Last week country superstar Reba McEntire announced the upcoming release of a triple album. The box set, which is scheduled to drop later this fall, will feature three discs chock-full of the singer’s hits spanning the last four decades.

The forthcoming release titled “Revived Remixed Revisited” features reimagined versions of some of the country icon’s most memorable hits.

The upcoming release also features many all-new arrangements of some of her beloved classics. It even promises a much anticipated “Does He Love You,” a duet with country queen Dolly Parton.

Same Song, New Sound

While there are so many songs Reba fans will be looking forward to as they wait for the October 8 release of “Revived Remixed Revisited,” there is one reimagined song in particular that Reba thinks is the best of the bunch.

“‘Consider Me Gone’ is one that I think I like it better now than the first time I recorded it,” the country star told Variety in a recent interview.

While Reba McEntire notes that she is still enjoying the song’s original sound, the remix gives the 2009 release a bit of a new spin.

“Nothing wrong with the way we did it the first time,” she said. “I mean, this was a four-week No. 1 record. You can’t argue with the success in that.”

Reba went on to note that she likes how the new version of “Consider Me Gone” gives the song a “new breath, a new life.”

“It was more like ‘I’m going to get in your face, and by golly, you don’t do me this way. Just consider me gone,'” Reba said of the original version of the hit song. ”This one is more of a thoughtful ‘You know what? You’re not giving me the respect and the attention I deserve. So if this is the way it’s going to be, you can just consider me gone.'”

The country star added that the new version of the “Consider Me Gone” is a sort of “soft-spoken” way of saying “I’ve had enough.” Adding that she likes this way message instead of the original song’s “in your face” vibe.

Reba McEntire is Revisiting, Remixing, and Reviving Classics

The upcoming reimagined works on the album trio will highlight the way many of Reba McEntire’s hits have evolved over the years as she performed them in her live shows.

The “Revived” disc will feature all-new versions of some fan favorites such as “Is There Life Out There” and “Can’t Even Get The Blues.”

Most of which have been recorded with Reba’s touring band. 

The “Remixed” disc will feature new spins to some of Reba’s famous tunes such as “Little Rock” and “I’m A Survivor.”

And “Revisited” promises some recut versions of Reba’s most popular ballads such as the new version of “Consider Me Gone.”

The album on which Reba partnered with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb, will also feature “Somebody Should Leave.”