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Reba McEntire Reveals How Kenny Rogers Saved Her ‘Sanity’ After Most Her Band Died in Plane Crash

by Matthew Wilson
Reba McEntire Reveals How Kenny Rogers Saved Her 'Sanity'
Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night

Reba McEntire opened up about late singer Kenny Rogers and how helped her through a tough time in her life. Rogers passed away earlier this year.

In 1991, seven members of McEntire’s band and her tour manager died in a plane crash in San Diego, California. They had performed a private concert with the singer hours before. McEntire struggled to deal with the shock and grief of their passing when Rogers called.

“Kenny saved my sanity in ’91 when he asked me to come do The Gambler movie,” she told Taste of Country. “I was still in a state of disbelief and not knowing what I’m gonna do moving forward after the plane crash.”

Reba McEntire starred alongside Kenny Rogers in the TV movie.

The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw was the fourth in a series of TV movies based on Rogers’ hit song “The Gambler.” Rogers cast McEntire as Burgundy Jones, who tries to get Rogers’ character into a high stakes gambling tournament. McEntire was no stranger to acting, having starred in the horror film Tremors a year prior in 1990.

“I miss him so much,” McEntire said. “He’s such a special person and a big-hearted giver.” 

McEntire also toured with Rogers in Australia, a time which she cherished. Rogers passed away on March 20 at his home from natural causes.

Rogers died of natural causes at his home on March 20, 2020. McEntire also took a moment to remember Charlie Daniels, who also passed recently. She did a tour with him and the band Alabama.

“First night of the tour Charlie sent me a huge bouquet of roses. I’ll never forget it. What a gentleman,” she remarks.

McEntire was promoting the 30th anniversary of her album Rumor Has It, which releases Sept. 11. The album features some of McEntire’s most iconic songs including  “Fancy” and “You Lie.” Recently, McEntire revealed she would love to do a reboot of her sitcom Reba.

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