Ree Drummond Revealed Where the Name ‘Pioneer Woman’ Came From in 2017

by Samantha Whidden

She’s dubbed herself as the “Pioneer Woman” and is known for her amazing recipes, but does anyone really know where Ree Drummond actually got the unique nickname from?

In a 2017 interview with Design and Living, Ree Drummond reveals what inspired the nicknamed. During the interview, Drummond describes herself as a city girl growing up. The “Pioneer Woman” nickname was notably created when she told her friends she was marrying a cowboy, Ladd Drummond, and moving to the country.

“I grew up in Oklahoma, but it was more of a town setting,” Ree explains. “Home of Phillips Petroleum. SO it was a bit more of a cultured upbringing than Pawhuska.”

Ree Drummond also shares what she did prior to becoming a writer and food blogger.

“I went to USC and believe it or not, I majored in gerontology,” She recalls. Drummond then says she worked in the marketing realm after college with companies such as Yeah Local. “I knew I had to be geared towards aging Baby Boomers,” Ree explains. “That was what I was doing and now here I am.”

Ree Drummond Shares Details About Her Cooking Show & Blogging Beginnings

During the interview with Design and Living, Ree Drummond looks back at when she first starting blogging in 2006. “There were certainly blogs then, but it wasn’t quite as prevalent as it would become,” Ree explains. She then says she just started with a personal blog, free software online and no plan. 

Drummond further explains that the blog enabled her to express a ‘creative side’ that she didn’t even know she had. “I lived in the country for 10 years at that point, so maybe it stored up and needed to come out somehow.”

Ree then says that the blog experienced a “natural evolution” where she started posting her recipes months later and then a couple of years after that, her first cookbook came out.

“So if I’d have planned it all ahead of time, there’s no way. Ic couldn’t possibly have done it because it was such a natural evolution.”

Ree Reveals What the Perfect Recipe Is 

Ree Drummond then reveals what her perfect recipe is, which doesn’t include bananas.

“I don’t like bananas. I like to drive that point home. The perfect recipe is something that results in what you want to eat,” she answers.  Ree then says she prefers cooking over baking because baking is very precise and its’a bout perfecting. Cooking, to her, is more about flying by the “seat of your pants.” 

“Even if you don’t have something, you can sub in something else,” Ree explains. “You can’t dot hat a lot in baking.” 

Ree then says her best recipe is her cinnamon rolls and she thanks her mom for the recipe. “It’s actually her recipe, so I can’t take of the credit.” 

Drummond then goes on to add that anything quick like a chocolate sheet cake from scratch is considered “no problem” for her.