Ree Drummond Speaks Out One Month After Husband’s and Nephew’s Truck Collision

by Keeli Parkey

Almost one month after a scary accident injured both her husband, Ladd, and nephew, Caleb, Ree Drummond shared an update about those two important men in her life.

According to a report by, Drummond – who is known to fans as “The Pioneer Woman” – shared the update via Instagram on Wednesday (April 7). The update was shared on “thepioneerwomanmag” account. That is the account of Drummond’s “The Pioneer Woman Magazine.”

Here’s what Ree Drummond had to say on Instagram:

“Ladd and Caleb are healing up after their accident on the ranch. (And the Drummond family is so grateful for all of your kind words!).”

The post also includes a photo of her husband, Ladd, on horseback. It’s a moving image and post from a person who is clearly thankful to have those individuals still on this earth with her.

According to the report by, Drummond has shared details about the March crash. That crash injured both her husband and nephew. One of those updates came in a blog post she recently penned. The publication reported that Ladd and Caleb were behind the wheels of two fire trucks at the time of the accident. They were driving out to battle a fire that had started on the Drummond family ranch. That ranch is located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Ladd, Caleb Reportedly Hit ‘Head-On’ During ‘Catastrophic’ Crash in March reported that Ree Drummond referred to the crash as an event that was almost “catastrophic.”

“Caleb broke some ribs, had a pretty bad concussion, and a few other injuries that will heal,” Ree reportedly wrote.

Caleb is 21. And, according to Drummond, he was thrown almost 70 feet during the accident. Also, Ladd, who is 52, broke his neck in two places, according to

Due to his broken neck, Ladd will have to wear a stabilizing brace. However, according to Ree Drummond, this won’t keep him from celebrating their daughter’s upcoming wedding.

According to, Ree said Ladd “will have to wear a neck brace for several weeks to let the other fracture heal, and the girls and I will bling out the brace for (daughter) Alex’s wedding … but we are just grateful he will be here for Alex’s wedding.”

According to reports released near the time of the crash, the vehicles being driven by Ladd and Caleb hit “head-on.”

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol was in charge of investigating the accident after it took place in March. At the time, decreased visibility on the road was thought to have contributed to the crash. This decreased visibility was reportedly caused by high winds.

Fans Share Positive Messages with Ree Drummond, Her Family Members

Given how popular “The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond is to her fans, it’s not surprising that those fans were more than willing to share their well-wishes to her Instagram update. Here are a few of their comments:

“Blessings to your family. I am so happy they are ok,” one fan shared.

“So glad they are healing and getting better,” another said.

“So glad Ladd and Caleb are healing well. I have been thinking about your family and praying for you all…in this stressful times (sic),” read another post.