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Remember Andy Griffith’s Failed 1970s Sci-Fi Show, ‘Salvage 1’?

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Joan Adlen/Getty Images)

Even though Andy Griffith had immense success with several shows, including The Andy Griffith Show, he also had some flops. One show that flopped on him was called Salvage 1.

The show was a science fiction series that was made in the late 1970s, 1979 to be exact. The series produced 20 episodes, but only aired 16 of those. Reportedly, the pilot episode, which was actually a two-part episode, had great ratings. Consequently, the show was picked up.

Andy Griffith was starring as the main pilot on the show, Harry Broderick. His character is a specialist at reclaiming trash scattered about. He uses his Jettison Scrap and Salvage Company to make his money.

But, his dream is to recover the equipment left on the moon from the Apollo Moon landing missions. That is his true mission in the show, bringing back the junk there and reselling it.

Andy Griffith and His Failed TV Show, “Salvage 1”

Although the show only lasted one full season, it was scheduled to have a second season. Andy Griffith and the show actually got two episodes into the second season before the show was taken off of the air.

During the show, he recruits two other people to help him out retrieving the junk from the Moon. But, the FBI gets involved when the company begins testing their fuel. The FBI is concerned about the chemicals in the fuel. Eventually, Andy Griffith’s crew sorts out the issue and can proceed with their mission.

So, Andy Griffith and his crew are successful in their mission and begin to get into other adventures together. An important subplot that develops through the episodes is about getting into an iceberg. The crew discovers that the icebergs contain freshwater and want to blow them up to sell the water in California.

But, through everything, the FBI has been keeping its eye on Andy Griffith and his crew. Even though the main FBI agent is trying to thwart their missions, the crew saves him once while he is in trouble.

An especially entertaining part of the show is when Andy Griffith’s character builds a spaceship. He decides to use a special chemical as fuel for the ship. The spaceship is unique and well-designed. But, the show was ended before he was really able to explore it.