Richard Marcinko Dies: Read Moving Tributes to the Seal Team 6 Founding Member

by Amanda Glover

Richard Marcinko, Commander of U.S. Navy SEAL passed away on Christmas evening and kind tributes are pouring in.

Matt Marcinko confirmed the unfortunate news of his father’s passing to Twitter. “Last night, Christmas evening, we lost a hero, who’s also known as The Rogue Warrior, the retired Navy SEAL commander AND the creator of SEAL Team Six, my father, Richard Marcinko. His legacy will live forever. The man has died a true legend. Rest In Peace Dad. I love you forever.”

The NAVY Seal Museum also paid tribute to Richard Marcinko. The museum posted a touching acclamation on its Facebook page: “Dick Marcinko played a very unique part in SEAL history, leaving a legacy like no other. We send our deepest sympathies to his family, teammates, and friends,” the post read.

‘Demo Dick’ was considered the United States’ premier counterterrorism operator.

The National Navy UDT SEAL Museum left a long heartfelt post on their Facebook page.

Navy SEALs Pay Tribute to Richard Marcinko

Former Navy SEALs took to social media to pay tribute to the late war veteran. Jack Carr, the author, and former Navy SEAL sniper, posted a long, touching eulogy to his Instagram:

“Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko has passed over to Valhalla.
Demo Dick left an indelible mark on the SEAL Teams. He was the right man for the job when it came to cutting through a military bureaucracy very much at odds with the creation of a top-tier naval special mission unit. Through sheer force of will, he is responsible for creating and leading one of the most elite special operations forces on the planet and for inspiring a generation of Frogmen to pick up the torch.

I first met him in the early 90s at a book signing. I waited until the very end to introduce myself and give him a bottle of his favorite Bombay Sapphire Gin. At that stage of my life, there is no one on earth I would have rather met than the “Shark Man of the Delta.” His inscription in my book reads: “Make education the launchpad of your success. Attack life!” Four years after that meeting, I’d cross the quarterdeck at BUD/S to start my journey.
Tonight, I’ll be tracking down a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and toasting this legendary Frogman, combat decorated Vietnam veteran and founder and commander of one of the most elite special operations units the world has ever known.
Fair Winds and Following Seas, Sir, though if pressed I’d wager you prefer the storms.”

Jonathan Gilliam tweeted: “God speed warrior. Our nation is stronger because of your legendary service. Hooyah Rogue Warrior!”

Richard Marcinko’s Life During War

In 1967, Marcinko led the Navy’s most successful SEAL operation, SEAL Team Two, during the Vietnam War. In 1968, he and his platoon returned to Vietnam to help U.S. Army Special Forces during the Tet Offensive.

During the Iran hostage crisis in 1979, the war hero worked with another Navy representative on a task force to rescue American hostages.

The Navy later picked Marcinko to put together a counterterrorism team.