Riley Keough Channels Her Grandma Priscilla Presley in Retro Vibe Pics

by Amy Myers

Elvis Presley might be the King of Rock, but granddaughter Riley Keough is the Queen of Retro. Maybe it’s the fact that she comes from a family that fans will always associate with the 60s, or maybe it’s simply because she has a timeless type of beauty. Regardless, Keough could wear her grandmother’s clothes and make them look modern and chic. Once again, on Instagram, the model and actress stuns her fans with another glamorous photo shoot with a vintage wardrobe.

The photos were a part of a shoot she did for Interview, a sort of visual interpretation of a screenplay. In the scene, Riley Keough played the part of Regina, a mischievous and unfaithful wife that goes looking for trouble with her lover, Sal. Meanwhile, her husband Frank hears about the affair and comes to break up the party. Read the full screenplay here.

The first photo in Riley Keough’s Instagram album is from when Regina arrives at a motel to meet Sal. Dressed in all black, she carries a scandalous air about her with tall boots, sunglasses and a scarf wrapped around her head. No doubt Keough was channeling her grandmother, Priscilla Presley, during the shoot. Just as effortlessly as her granddaughter, Presley always looked polished in every photo.

Riley Keough Finds Fashion Calling Through Zola

Since her starring role in Zola, more than ever, Riley Keough has become an icon for past fashion. In the 2020 film, Keough portrayed who she calls a “demon” of a person, Stephanie, that manipulates a new friend named Zola. Under the pretenses of a stripping job, Keough’s character lures Zola to Florida where her true colors begin to show. Between Keough’s costumes on set and photos on Instagram, Keough has brought life back to fashion trends we once thought were gone forever. From puffy sleeves to clogs to sequins, she makes modern clothes seem drab.

Take, for instance, this shot of Keough in a leopard print blazer. Fans in the comments of her photo recognized the iconic hairdo and commended the young actress for adorning her grandmother’s classic style. Back when Priscilla Presley married Elvis, she was known to add some extra volume to her hair. Although Priscilla’s hair was usually a few inches taller, fans still didn’t miss the similarity.

“Beautiful! Looks so much like @priscillapresley especially with the hair pouf!” one fan wrote.

Others thought she more resembled her mother, Lisa Marie.

“You look so much like your Momma,” another user wrote.

It seems that no matter what she wears, Riley Keough will always pay tribute to her roots.