Riley Keough, Granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Grips a Microphone in New Instagram Video

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Proving that music is very much a part of her genes, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter Riley Keough shares on Instagram a video of her gripping a microphone.

“🎸🥁🎹🤹🏻‍♀️🎤 by @joshuawhitehouse,” Riley Keough writes in the post’s caption. The video features Josh Whitehouse, who is the lead vocals for the band, More Like Trees. 

Whitehouse gave a little more of a description about what’s going on in the video by sharing, “Having a blast working with these fine people on Daisy Jones and the Six. It’s coming together. More pictures to come of those working behind the scenes.”

Tagged along with Keough are Suki Waterhouse, Sam Claflin, Will Harrison, and Sebastian Chacon. 

Riley Keough Opens Up About Her Acting Career & Work/Life Balancing

During a recent interview with InStyle, Riley Keough opens up about what really got her into acting. “I grew up with my mom saying, ‘Anything you do in life, you’re going to have to take it seriously, and work really hard at it. Don’t just dip your toes into something.”

Keough also clarified that with acting and other things she is doing, she is always taking everything seriously. “I also had this thing where, when you grow up in L.A. and everyone’s acting, I felt this sense of, oh gosh…I was a little bit afraid to fail.”

Although she considers herself a workaholic, Keough is trying hard to not be an “anything-oholic” at the moment.

“I’m really consciously trying to be present,” she admitted. “And not use anything as any kind of escape, and be cognizant of when I’m doing that.”

Keough also said that she’s generally trying to be grateful for everything as well as trying to operate in love and keep her heart open.

“I definitely have hard days and all kinds of pain and suffering. But I think when you realize that’s part of it, your expectation isn’t just to be feeling joy.”

Riley Keough Recalls Growing Up With Michael Jackson 

While chatting with Vanity Fair in 2017, Riley Keough recalled what life was like growing up with Michael Jackson. “I loved him.”

Keough then said Neverland Ranch is anything but ordinary. “There were toys everywhere. Animals everywhere. Kids everywhere. It was like being at Disneyland.”

She also shared more details about her childhood. “They were very open to the idea of me doing whatever I wanted to do,” Keough shared about her family. She also claimed to be one of those kids who thought she could be the President of England when she grew up if she wanted to.

“Then I started acting and realized life is hard and people are mean. And there’s no President of England and I’m not British,” Keough added.