Riley Keough Throws Up the Horns as She Lays on a Soundboard with a Vulgar Message

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Che Rosales/Getty Images)

America’s edgy sweetheart, Riley Keough is back at it. The granddaughter of Elvis, Keough is really leaning into those musical genes while still finding a way to make it her own. Although the star has several concurrent projects in different stages of production right now, she seems to be focusing on the “Daisy Jones and the Six” series.

It is set for release through Amazon Prime, potentially by the end of this year. Keough joined the cast pretty early on back in 2020. Essentially, it’s a mini-series following a fictitious band based on a novel of the same name. Keough’s character shares the limelight with the frontman played by Sam Claflin. She often teases fans in edgy Instagram photos and her latest post also fits that bill.

Riley Keough Embodies Daisy Jones

Since the initial casting of “Daisy Jones and the Six,” Riley Keough has been hard at work. It even appears that she bears direct involvement with the show’s yet-to-be-released music. It’s all very much behind the scenes and under wraps at this point. However, Keough’s most recent Instagram post shows her sitting in front of a soundboard with her back against the camera. From previous posts, we can assume the studio time and “Daisy Jones” are directly related. She dons a tattered white t-shirt like a true rock star while also throwing up the horns hand gesture. It doesn’t take an eagle eye to spot the focus of the picture, however, which is the vulgar message front and center in yellow-orange lights.

Now, there’s no need to worry and it all seems to be in good fun. Riley Keough is known for her darker sense of humor and she called out her castmates in the Instagram caption with “The feelings mutual @tonyberg1 and @mrsamclaflin.”

Sam Claflin quickly fired back with “I meant every word x” as the top comment.

The fans ate every second up saying this interaction was indicative of perfect “Billy/Daisy” energy, alluding to their characters in the upcoming series.

Check out the post for yourself:

A Steamy Screenplay

After posting the “Daisy Jones” snap to her Instagram feed, Riley Keough took to her Instagram Story to promote the release of another project of hers. She starred in a screenplay that officially hit the internet about a week ago. Written by Jeremy O. Harris, the raunchy screenplay follows Keough alongside Sebastian Chacon.

Their characters find themselves in the midst of a sleazy motel where cigarette smoke sticks to the walls and there’s also “a pool full of needles.” Keough takes on the role of an irresistible vixen as the characters explore themes of self-control, lust, and passion together.

You can read the full-length screenplay for yourself here. Hosted on Interview Magazine’s site, the screenplay also features several stunning snaps of the star. Alexa Lanza styled Riley Keough in the likes of Saint Laurent, Prada, and Dior.