Riley Keough Sends Touching Birthday Message to Father with Throwback Photos

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)

November appears to be the month of birthdays as several of our favorite stars are ringing in another year this week. Now, Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter Riley Keough is wishing her father Danny Keough the happiest of birthdays with some sentimental throwback photos on Instagram.

“Happy belated birthday dad. You are the coolest,” the actress and Elvis’s granddaughter writes. Meanwhile the photos show a progressively aging, though thoroughly cool, Danny Keough as he celebrates his 57th birthday.

Followers shared their own birthday wishes for the singer-songwriter beneath Riley Keough’s post.

“Wow these photos!!! so badass,” wrote one of the actress’s followers. Another said, “Love these photos!! HBD to your day.”

Still others loved the grungey style filling the photos’ frames, with other fans writing, “Cool as hell.”

To be frank, I can’t help but agree.

Riley Keough Celebrates Life, Acceptant of Death

A girl after my own heart, Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter Riley has an interesting fascination with death, however, not in ways you might think. While the actress spends today celebrating life as he dad Danny Keough welcomes another trip around the sun, she recently shared her thoughts regarding society’s feelings toward death and end-of-life rituals.

While the star’s brother’s death came as a major tragedy, the actress does not seem to hold strong feelings against life’s inevitable end, even revealing her certifications as a death doula. She expressed her true feelings about life’s major phases in an earlier Instagram post back in March.

Of her teachers and certifiers, Keough said, “I just felt like writing such a deep thank you to this community who are teaching and training people in conscious dying and death work.” The actress goes on to highlight how humans as a society spend a vast amount of time preparing for birth and birthing, yet we are all so underprepared for end-of-life practices and measures. Essentially, death is taboo.

As a certified death doula now, Riley wrote, “I’m so grateful for this community and to be able to contribute what I can.”

Coping with Brother Benjamin’s Death

While we can prepare for death as much as we like, most people are never ready to lose a loved one. And unfortunately for Riley Keough, her brother Benjamin’s death at only 29 came even earlier than she might have imagined.

She specifically told the New York Times, “It’s very complicated for our minds to put [tragedy] somewhere because it’s so outrageous.”

As far as coping with her brother’s death, she spoke of her death doula certification. “That’s really what helps me,” she told the outlet. “Being able to put myself in a position of service. If I can help other people, maybe I can find a way to help myself.”