‘Risky Business’ Fan Just Dropped $2 Million for Tom Cruise’s Porsche From the Movie

by Megan Molseed

One Risky Business fan may have nearly $2 million less than they had at the beginning of the month; but they are the owners of one of the film’s most iconic rides.

One of the front-engine Porche 928 coupes featured in the iconic Tom Cruise flick Risky Business sold at the 2021 Barrett-Jackson auction in Huston. The pricetag? I cool $1,980,000.

The iconic vehicle no doubt was sold at such a hefty price tag because of its starring role in the iconic 1983 Tom Cruise film. The going rate for similar vehicles – ones that haven’t found fame onscreen with Tom Cruise – falls at about $20,000. That means this iconic vehicle brought in almost $2 million on sheer star power. Not surprising, but still…pretty amazing.

This is quite a shocking auction price. The shocking number puts the iconic Risky Business Porche 928 on the top of the list of Porsche 928 auction sale prices. This Risky Business car holds the world record for the highest purchase price for a 1979 Porsche 928 ever; according to the Barrett-Jackson auction house.

Cruise’s ‘Risky Business’ In the Porsche 928

In addition to finding star power as one of the Porsche 928’s to share the screen with Risky Business stars; this iconic Porche 928 is reportedly the vehicle in which a young Tom Cruise learned how to drive a manual stick shift.

This valuable Porsche 928 left the factory floor painted green. The Porsche was repainted with its famous gold color by the Risky Business producers; during the filming of the iconic hit.

The gold-hued Porsche starred in one of the film’s most famous scenes as Tom Cruise’s character, Joel Goodsen races to safety while being pursued by criminals driving another iconically classic vehicle, a  Coupe DeVille.

No Substitute

Of course, this iconic vehicle also brought with it one of Cruise’s most memorable lines in his entire movie career. As he can outrun the criminals who are in hot pursuit, Cruise’s character, Joel Goodsen, celebrates the escape with Porsche’s famous slogan at the time: “Porche, there is no substitute.”

Now, those who know the hit film from the early 1980s remember the sleek 1979 Porsche driven by Cruise met a particularly disastrous demise in the film; rolling into Lake Michigan, sinking to the bottom.- lost forever.

This one was actually simply a shell of the other three Porsche 928’s. All of which were used to film the popular Risky Business chase scenes.

The recently purchased Porsche 928 is the only known survivor of the iconic movie scene. One of the other driveable Porsche 928’s was sold overseas shortly after filming. The other has seemed to disappear entirely. This particular vehicle was found in an early 2000s effort to track all three Porsche 928’s down.