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‘Risky Business’ Porsche Tom Cruise Famously Drove in 1983 Film Goes Up for Sale

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Porsche lovers are in for quite a treat! The iconic gold Porsche 928 driven to fame by Tom Cruise in the hit 1983 film “Risky Business” will soon be hitting the auction block.

The famous car auction company Barrett-Jackson has announced that one of the 1979 Porsches that Tom Cruise’s “Risky Business” character Joel Goodson drove to outrun Guido, the killer criminal in the ultimate “coming of age” flick will come up for auction this fall.

The car, which was used in the wide shots of the film is one that Tom Cruise fans are sure to remember. The gold-hued “dream car” got Cruise’s character to safety as he was being pursued by a criminal in a Coupe DeVille.

In one of the movie’s most famous moments, as Cruise “cruises” to safety in the iconic collector’s item, he celebrates his victory with a famous line; Porche’s slogan at the time: “Porche, there is no substitute.”

Not Just a Movie Prop, Cruise Learned How to ‘Cruise’ in This One

According to a documentary that highlights the iconic vehicle, the classic Porsche is even a bit more valuable than the average 1979 Porche 928. Aside from its Hollywood fame, the car was actually the vehicle in which Tom Cruise learned to drive stick shift.

Four of these Porsche 928’s were used in the filming of “Risky Business.” However, the one coming up for auction next month is the only one of the four that remain.

One of the “Risky Business” Porsche 928 are driven by Tom Cruise was sold overseas not long after the release of the movie. Its current location remains unknown. The other Porsche 28 driven by Cruise has seemed to disappear entirely. No record can be found of the classic car. The fourth Porsche featured in the film was the one that ultimately ended up rolling down into Lake Michigan. This memorable scene is what sets off the events in the film. So, this one wasn’t even an operable vehicle, but rather just a body of a Porche. One without the engine or transmission.

The Iconic Porsche Has Had Quite a Journey

The remaining “Risky Business” Porche is the one Barrett-Jackson will be putting on the auction block this fall. The iconic piece of cinema history is said to have ended up in private hands shortly after filming.

The original 928 was painted green, fresh off the factory floor. It was later painted gold for its “Risky Business” appearance. The Porsche has since been repainted several times, however, it has recently been restored to its “on-screen” look.

The iconic vehicle has also acquired quite a few miles over the last thirty-eight years. The auction house’s description of the car shows the vehicle now has over 100,000 miles of wear.

“Risky Business” was released in 1983 and found immediate success. Best known as Tom Cruise’s breakout role, the film also stars Rebecca De Mornay as Crusie’s “experienced” love interest. The film was an instant hit, and remains so to this day. “Risky Business” grossed more than $63 million after its release. Which is quite a success compared to the film’s $6.2 million budget.