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Rob Lowe Announces Death of His Dog with Beautiful Tribute: ‘Did All His Own Stunts’

by Brianna Vacca
photo by FOX via Getty Images)

It’s a sad day for Rob Lowe. The loss of a furry friend is hard and, it’s not any easier if you’re a celebrity.

Lowe’s 14-year-old dog Wayne passed away. The actor posted on Instagram and was met with an outpouring amount of love from family, friends, and fans. He writes, “We are heartbroken that our beloved Wayne passed away today. He was 14 years old and a curious, adventurous boy who loved playing chase, stealing snacks, and swimming. Wayne was also a wonderful actor who did all his own stunts on our backyard Instagram show ‘Abandon Crab’. We love you, Wayne! RIP.”

A few fellow celebrities spilled their condolences as Lowe’s brother Chad added, “Godspeed Wayne,” while Patrick Schwarzenegger writes, “Don’t forget drinking jacuzzi water!” His sister Katherine chimed in too, “Poor Wayne!!! We love you Wayne!”

The 57-year-old-actor’s son Matthew also comments, “He is in heaven swimming and stealing bread. Abandon crab forever.”

Nearly three weeks ago, the Lowe family introduced another little pup to the family – a female Jack Russell terrier puppy.

Lowe wrote, “Say hello to the newest member of the family, Daisy. I’m a goner for her.”

Jennifer Aniston Opens up to Rob Lowe

The Outsiders actor says that his experiences allowed Jennifer Aniston to open up. Aniston provided Lowe with opinions surrounding “Friends: The Reunion” while talking to him on his podcast “Literally! With Rob Lowe.” Literally! With Rob Lowe is dedicated to delivering safe spaces for actors and actresses to unwind and tell stories and he believes that Aniston felt that comfort. The 9-1-1: Lone Star actor told Entertainment Tonight’s Matt Cohen just that.

“This is the reason I do Literally. Jen Aniston gives a lot of interviews… so do all of the people I talk to, but I feel like there are questions I want to ask them that I don’t think other people are gonna ask them,” Lowe explains to ET. “A lot of it is our mutual shared histories. I know things about them that other folks just aren’t gonna know.”

Aniston admitted that going back in time to relive their best memories just wasn’t as easy as they’d expected. Lowe can relate to the sense of creating a reunion and believes it helped the star open up about her feelings. She added, “Going back there, it’s nostalgic in a way that’s kind of also a little melancholy ’cause a lot has changed,” Aniston added. “We have all gone down different roads, some easy and some not-so easy, for each of us. It was brutal. And you also can’t turn it off… There are cameras everywhere, and I can’t stop crying.”