Rob Lowe Celebrates 31 Years of Sobriety

by Halle Ames

Yesterday, actor and director Rob Lowe celebrated his 31st anniversary of being sober.

Rob Lowe first hit the big screen as a dashing 18-year-old heartthrob when the 1983 hit “The Outsiders” premiered. In the following years, Lowe fell into a dark place that consisted of alcoholism and drug abuse.

Eight years later, Rob Lowe thankfully got clean.

In honor of the significant milestone, the actor took to social media to thank everyone who has helped him during his journey toward sobriety. The photo features Lowe on a bicycle, riding along the beach in the water.

“Today, I have 31 years drug and alcohol-free. I want to give thanks to everyone walking this path with me and welcome anyone thinking about joining us; the free and the happy. And a big hug to my family for putting up with me!! Xoxo.”

What Prompted Rob Lowe to Seek Help?

According to a Today article, the photo was taken as part of a Variety feature story on the 57-year-old. Rob Lowe revealed in the Variety issue that he missed a family emergency due to a hangover. This prompted him to seek sobriety.

“My mother called me, and I could hear her voice on the answering machine. I didn’t want to pick up because I was really, really hungover, and I didn’t want her to know,” he told Variety. “She was telling me that my grandfather, who I loved, was in critical condition in the hospital, and she needed my help. And I didn’t pick up. My thought process in that moment was ‘I need to drink a half a bottle of tequila right now, so I can go to sleep so I can wake up so I can pick up this phone.’”

Additionally, Rob Lowe noted that the justification of his drinking was “nuts,” and it was time to get help for his addiction. When describing the moment of clarity, Lowe said it was as cliche as the movies.

“It was like a badly written moment in a soap opera — complete with the walk into the bathroom and looking at myself in the mirror.”

The Process

However, Rob Lowe explained that he didn’t immediately get help. For the next year, he carried around a business card for a drug and alcohol counselor that a friend had given to him.

In January, the father of two interviewed with Today, saying that the combination of “recovery, sobriety, and therapy” aided him. Furthermore, he said that only those willing and ready to get sober will.

“Unfortunately, no one can get healthy for their job or for their relationship or because of their court case or because of mom or dad or sister or brother,” he said. “They can only do it when they want to do it. Honestly.”

Rob, we just wanted to say that your Outsider family is so proud of you! Here is to 31 more years!

If you are seeking sobriety, we encourage you to call 1-800-662-HELP for a free referral service. You’ve got this!