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Rob Schneider Thanks Arizona Police for Helping Him When Stranded

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Even famous Hollywood stars can find themselves in some precarious situations where they need to rely on the help of those committed to serving our communities. Recently, one famous funnyman found this out first hand as longtime actor and Saturday Night Live alum, Rob Schneider called for help after his car broke down on a Scottsdale Arizona freeway.

On December 22, just days before the Christmas holiday, Rob Schneider was traveling across his home state of Arizona when he became stranded in his Tesla.

In need of some help, the Grown Ups star called on area officers to come to his aid. A helping hand for which the actor is very grateful.

And, Rob Schneider certainly wasn’t shy about telling his social media followers how thankful he was for the Scottsdale police department’s dedication to the job when they came to his aid that Wednesday afternoon.

“A huge THANK YOU to Scottsdale Finest @ScottsdalePD for all your help today when my car broke down!” the funnyman exclaims in his December 22 Twitter post. “Thanks, Officer Lee!” Rob Schneider adds. “YOU CAN DO IT!!”

According to recent reports, Scottsdale Arizona officers were called in to help a motorist with a disabled vehicle located in North Scottsdale last Wednesday. Once the officers responded to the call, they were surprised to find the famous funnyman was the one who needed the rescue.

“I said, ‘Wait a second. That is Mr. Schneider, as in the Rob Schneider?’” the responding officer says of the moment.

Rob Schneider Is a Familiar Face to Responding Officers

Clearly, Arizona police officer Paul Lee recognized the longtime comedian who has made a prolific career over the years. Rob Schneider has also starred in a variety of famous films; many of which are the projects of Schneider’s actor and comedian pal, Adam Sandler.

“I said, ‘Wait, Mr. Schneider?’” the North Scottsdale officer continues. “And he gave me the nod and that is how we broke the ice on that.”

Rob Schneider reports that while the Scottsdale Arizona finest was coming to help him in the harrowing ordeal, they were quite personable. Even making small talk as they remedied the situation.

Schneider was even happy to talk about some of his hit films with the men in blue. According to officer Lee, Rob Schneider was “very appreciative” of the help they gave him during the stressful time.

“It was a nice interaction,” the Arizona officer says. “These days there are a lot of negativity.”