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Robert De Niro Labels Ruth Bader Ginsburg a ‘Great American’ While Calling Trump ‘Criminal’

by Chris Haney
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In a recent interview, Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro labeled Ruth Bader Ginsburg a “great American,” while calling President Donald Trump a “criminal.”

De Niro touched on his fear for America’s future after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The 77-year-old actor spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about how the late justice was a trailblazer and a patriot.

“She was a great American, period,” De Niro said. “It only adds to the problem, and the situation now that she has passed, unfortunately. People like her are few and far between.”

De Niro’s Scathing Criticism of Donald Trump

After he paid tribute to Ginsburg, De Niro also lashed out against President Donald Trump, calling the current president a “criminal” who will “stop at nothing” to win the election in November.

“We have to win it. Everybody has to join. We have to speak out and win this fight, period,” De Niro said. “We can’t let this go further. If [he gets] another four years, we’re into fascism, American-style, period.”

The native New Yorker shared strong words for Trump supporters, as well as those at rallies not wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s like they say it’s a ‘cult,’ and it is. And they don’t care what this person does,” De Niro explained. “But they will care when they are directly affected by his behavior and the behavior of his enablers.”

De Niro said he doesn’t even want to imagine what will happen to the country if Trump is reelected in the 2020 election.

“We would survive but it would be irreparable damage,” the actor continued. “In some ways now there’s irreparable damage because the world looks at us like we’re crazy, allowing this crazy person and administration and enablers [to lead].”

“We have to vote him out of office,” De Niro concluded. “This guy is something we don’t understand, and a lot of people don’t understand. His logic, his mindset, it’s scary.”

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