Robert De Niro Mourns Death of ‘Midnight Run’ Co-Star Charles Grodin After His Passing

by Matthew Wilson

Robert De Niro is mourning the death of his “Midnight Run” co-star Charles Grodin. The actor passed away on Tuesday (May 18). Grodin had been battling bone cancer, according to his son, and passed at his home. The actor was 86-years-old.

Grodin and De Niro crossed paths in 1988 when they starred in the popular and beloved film “Midnight Run.” Now, De Niro is sharing a tribute to his late co-star. In a statement to the Daily Mail, De Niro reflected on their time together and expressed his sadness at Grodin’s passing.

“Chuck was as good a person as he was an actor,” De Niro said. “Midnight Run was a great project to work on, and Chuck made it an even better one. He will be missed. I am very, very sad to hear of his passing.”

“Midnight Run” ended up becoming one of the biggest hits of Grodin’s career. It came during a period in which the actor really needed a win. Much of the film’s success was due to the chemistry between De Niro and Grodin on-screen. In the film, Grodin plays an accountant who stole from the mafia opposite De Niro as a bounty hunter. The duo travels across country on their way to Los Angeles.

Both Grodin and Robert De Niro also ended up improvising most of their lines.

“I moved a little more toward drama and he moved a little toward comedy,’ Grodin said at the time. “And we met on a very good ground.”

Hollywood Mourns Charles Grodin

Charles Grodin had a career that stretched several decades. The actor appeared in movies such as “The Graduate,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” and others. He starred in “Heartbreak Kid” and later the family film “Beethoven” as well.

As a result, all of Hollywood mourned Grodin and his contributions to cinema. Several of his former co-stars spoke out sharing tributes to the late actor. For instance, Goldie Hawn, who played opposite him in “Seems Like Old Times,” remembered Grodin fondly.

She wrote, “[He was] the funniest, smartest and best movie husband anyone would ever wish for.”

Likewise, Grodin’s co-star from 1984’s “The Lonely Guy,” Steve Martin, also shared a tribute. “So sad to hear. One of the funniest people I ever met.”

Actor Albert Brooks also mourned Grodin as well, saying, “RIP Charles Grodin. A brilliant comedy actor. I had the wonderful experience of working with him in my first feature Real Life and he was amazing. Rest In Peace, Chuck.”