Robert Irwin Is a Crocodile Matador in Tense Video From Australia Zoo

by Matthew Memrick

Robert Irwin, the son of the late and famous Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, got caught on video in a tense moment with an Australian Zoo croc.

Robert Irwin resorted to fleeing the aggressive reptile when it lunged at him.

The 18-year-old man told his fellow zookeepers to “bail” when a rare leucistic saltwater crocodile named Casper got a little too close.

The Daily Mail reported on the scary video.

Robert Irwin Trying To Get Animal Familiar

The teenager and his mates worked to get Casper acquainted with a new enclosure at the zoo. The area is a setting for future shows.

However, the 12-foot crocodile passed on some food Robert Irwin offered it. The 771-pound beast quickly moved to make Irwin his meal.

Irwin ran off and shouted “bail” a few times as he tried to escape.

Cameras with different angles caught the incident. One got a birds-eye view of the reptile narrowly biting the teenager.

Irwin’s show, “Crikey It’s The Irwins,” is wrapping up its season and the dangerous clip found its way online recently. The show stars mom Terri and his sister Bindi Irwin Powell. Bindi’s husband, Chandler Powell, also stars in the show. 

The Animal Planet reality show, in its fourth season, features the family as it works at the Australian Zoo.

In another episode, Entertainment Tonight Canada reports a bird with anger issues almost gets a piece of Robert Irwin in another episode.

Dangerous Croc Unique At Zoo

According to The Daily Mail, Casper is a leucistic Saltwater Crocodile.

The reptile appears lighter in color than other crocodiles because it drastically reduces dark skin pigment. The zoo determined a predator would have eaten the crocodile at an early age.

Zoo officials say the adult reptile is one of the most aggressive crocodiles they’ve encountered in and out of captivity. The zoo put Casper with another female Saltwater Crocodile named Wendy with a similar condition.

Family time Key For Robert Irwin, Sister

After his father died in 2006 from a short-tail stingray, Robert Irwin had stayed close with his family.

Steve Irwin died at age 44 during a Great Barrier Reef documentary. The stingray fatally pierced the man’s chest.

Over the weekend, Robert Irwin took a peaceful walk with his niece, Grace Warrior, and brother-in-law Chandler. 

His older sister, Bindi, took the photo as the group walked in the Australia Zoo gardens.

The 23-year-old woman captioned the photo, saying the family walks nightly through the gardens. She added it was her favorite time of the day as the group unwound “together.”

Powell pushes Grace’s stroller while Robert Irwin holds his dog and poses in the photo. The couple had Grace Warrior Irwin Powell in March.

‘Thought I’d share this sweet little moment when Grace’s ‘Funcle’ joined us. Happy days,’ the new mum said.