Robert Irwin Looks Forward to ‘New Chapter of Life’ After Turning 18

by Anna Dunn

Conservationist Robert Irwin is looking forward to a “New Chapter of life” after turning 18. Robert is one of the stars of Crikey! It’s the Irwins! and is a conservationist and animal activist with the Australia Zoo. He stars in the reality show, which follows their lives at the zoo, with his sister Bindi and his Mother Terri.

Many know Robert as the son of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. Steve Irwin was a legendary conservationist who passed away when Robert was just a baby. The world has watched the Irwin kids grow up since. His older sister, Bindi, is married with a child.

He talked about his birthday during an interview with The Kelly Clarkson Show. He and his family went on the show to talk about their show together and their current conservation efforts. But the interview started with some birthday wishes.

“It’s a huge milestone. It feels very surreal. It’s a really wonderful little celebration at the zoo just with friends and family here at home but it is definitely really exciting. You know, wildlife conservation is everything to us. Protecting our wildlife worldwide,” he said.

And now that he’s 18, he has more to do in that field. He’s allowed to work full time and really dig into his work at the zoo.

“Turning 18, I get to be more stuck in with all the conservation work that we do around the world. So it really is a big honor for me to get to work full time and enter this wonderful new chapter of life. It’s really exciting. I’m definitely very proud,” he said.

Both Robert and Bindi have really dedicated their lives to this work. It’s an incredibly honorable cause that they’ve committed to, and they’re passionate about sharing that love of animals with the world.

Robert Irwin has a Wild Encounter With a Crocodile in a Recent Video

A recent video of Irwin posted by Animal Planet shows just how much the boy takes after his father. In this clip, Robert has to bail when a crocodile named Casper gets too close. But that’s all part of the job working at the zoo. You can see the video below:

The clip is from the newest season of Crikey! It’s the Irwins. The family also talked about the new season in the Kelly Clarkson Show video. Fans got to learn a ton about the different animals at the zoo. And a lot of the funds made from the show go right back into protecting the animals.

If you want to check out Crikey! It’s the Irwins, you can stream the show on hulu or discovery +.