Robert Irwin Shows Off the Real Star of the Family Zoo

by Leanne Stahulak

Robert Irwin, son of the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, showed off some of the family’s favorite crocodiles in a recent video.

Seventeen-year-old Robert works for the Australia Zoo, which his father worked in before him. The Irwin family owns the zoo, and its official YouTube channel runs a miniseries called “Irwin Family Adventures.”

The most recent episode of “Irwin Family Adventures” aired on Nov. 5, and it featured Robert Irwin talking about “the real stars of the show.” AKA, the family’s favorite crocodiles.

Robert showed off footage from “The Crocoseum” at the Australia Zoo in the video. We see him and other handles or trainers feeding the crocs and leading them around the Crocseum in complex maneuvers. Then, Robert took viewers behind the scenes to explain how the crocs live when they’re not working the show.

The Australia Zoo hosts seven enclosures for the Crocoseum’s stars and their mates. These enclosures utilize an “ozone system,” which eliminates the need for chlorine and provides the crocs with a totally freshwater environment. Robert Irwin described it as “the most natural way we can have crocodiles.”

He also explained how the zoo transports the crocs from the enclosures to the Crocoseum via a land bridge and water canal. The crocs do most of the work themselves, from the looks of it.

Finally, Robert Irwin introduced the four original crocs that his father worked with two decades ago.

Robert Irwin Introduces Family’s Four Original Crocodiles

He started off with Graham, a crocodile who happens to be mates with a female crocodile named Bindi. And yes, Steve Irwin did in fact name his daughter after his favorite crocodile.

Robert Irwin described Graham as “cheeky,” and the only croc to have “gotten the better of” the Irwin family in the past. The video cut to some older footage of Steve Irwin as he’s trying to move Graham. But the croc grabs him by the hand and yanks him into the water.

Luckily, Robert says Steve actually landed on the croc, causing him to release Steve’s hand. He’s got a nasty bite on his hand, but otherwise, the wildlife guru seems none the worst for wear.

Next, Robert Irwin introduced Charlie. This croc came from a sad little concrete aquarium. He was destined for “the croc farm” to be made into different clothes and accessories. Terri Irwin, Steve’s wife, convinced him to rescue Charlie and give him a new life at Australia Zoo.

Then we have Murray, who’s described as “the most reliable” crocodile at the Crocoseum. Whenever they bring him out for a show, Murray always “gives 110%,” according to Robert Irwin. “He’s a real goer,” Robert said. “he is the absolute athlete among the crocodiles here.”

Finally, we have Monty, the first saltwater crocodile in Australia Zoo. Robert said that Monty has “incredible side swings” that he uses when he’s stalking prey.

And there you have it. The four original stars of the crocodile show that worked with the great Steve Irwin himself. Now, they’re making history with his son, Robert.