Robert Irwin Thanks Fans for the ‘Humbling’ Opportunity to Reach Millions of People

by Anna Dunn

Conservationist Robert Irwin recently thanked fans for the opportunity to reach millions of people. Irwin, who’s the son of famous conservationist Steve Irwin, just turned 18 and has now reached 3 million followers on Instagram. In a new video message to fans, Robert talked about how grateful he is, and his recent milestone.

“I wanted to send out a massive thank you,” he says in the video. “This morning I was really stoked and surprised and just floored to see that I’ve reached 3 million followers on Instagram. So thank you to every one of you. The three million people that have decided for some reason to be part of my adventures.”

Robert is being humble here, though. He’s definitely worth the follow. Not only is he a champion of a noble cause, but he is also a fantastic photographer. So you really get the best of both conservation and photography from him.

“It really means the world,” he said. “I love that it’s a platform to share just what’s going on. The funny and random stuff that I get up to as well as the more important and meaningful conservation stories I want to share with you guys.”

Irwin notes how “personal” social media can be too. “It’s interesting when it’s kind of your personal life and everything going on that’s then shared with 3 million people. It’s surreal, but it’s special as well.”

“Going forward, there’s some really exciting projects on the board. Some cool stuff to come,” he continued.

You can watch the video below:

This isn’t Robert Irwin’s First Experience with Fame

3 million followers is a lot, but this isn’t Irwin’s only time being in the spotlight. He and his family have their own TV show on animal planet, Crikey! It’s The Irwins which follows their lives and conservation efforts at the Australia Zoo.

Robert often does some daring stunts on the show, and frequently interacts with the Australia Zoo’s more dangerous inhabitants. It’s very reminiscent of his father, Steve. But he’s also quite the individual whose been forging his own path within the conservation world.

His sister Bindi, and mother Terri are also a huge part of the show. His sister had a baby, Grace Warrior, last year. So now the baby is a part of the show as well!

The Irwin’s are famous, and they use that fame to promote a good cause: The protection of animals around the world. If you want to keep up with the Irwin family, you can follow Bindi or Robert on Instagram or watch Crikey! It’s the Irwins on Discovery +.