Robin Williams’ Son Zak Welcomes Baby Girl With Wife Olivia: See the Adorable Pics

by Madison Miller

Zak Williams, the son of the late legendary comic and actor Robin Williams, is welcoming a new member to his growing family.

Zak and his wife, Olivia June, just had their second child. The two had a daughter named Zola. The couple introduced the sweet baby with a series of photos on Instagram. Some of which suggest she’s getting along well with her big brother, McLaurin “Mickey” Clement.

Zak Williams Welcomes Daughter to World

Zak Williams captioned the Instagram photos, “Introducing our newest member of the family, Zola June Williams! Since joining us, she’s getting on amazingly with her big brother @mickeycwilliams and has proven to be one laid back little girl. @heyoliviajune is doing awesome and we are over-the-moon to be welcoming Zola into the world!”

Olivia June also posted about her sweet newborn daughter. She shared that the couple welcomed her into the world about two weeks ago. In her post, June shares it’s all “a whirlwind of love and laughs as a family of four.” 

Olivia June and Zak Williams got married in October 2020 and shared their pregnancy announcement in December. Both Williams and his wife are mental health advocates and got married on World Mental Health Day.

June is vocal about her journey throughout pregnancy. One of her posts was a sweet message to her future daughter saying she hopes she will “continue on the legacy of the fierce, smart, ambitious, and creative women that came before her.”

Zak Williams and Mental Health

In devastating news, Robin Williams committed suicide at his home in Paradise Cay, California on August 11, 2014, at the age of 63. A part of his death is attributed to his struggle with Lewy body disease.

He had been suffering from anxiety and depression as well. Robin Williams’ death hit the world hard, completely devastating millions of devoted fans. Robin Williams was devoted to making people laugh and smile, but had been battling himself under the surface.

Now, his oldest son is working to bring more awareness toward mental health-related issues.

According to Inc. Magazine, Zak Williams has also opened up about his long battle with his own mental health. He has long dealt with anxiety. Then, when his beloved father passed away from suicide, Williams had extreme depressive episodes. He turned to alcohol and cannabis, but both just increased his anxiety. Prescription drugs just made him feel numb.

He started to heal when he looked to the community for support. He began teaching financial literacy classes to inmates at a California prison. Then he took supplements with L-theanine, which is an amino acid. Some studies suggest that this amino acid can work to improve mood, energy, sleep, and the ability to properly manage stress.

Now, Zak and his wife own a company called PYM. They sell “mood chews.” They’re joining a rapidly growing industry of supplements and vitamins.

“I think my dad would be appreciative of what we’re doing, as someone who dealt with high anxiety for most of his life. I would hope he would understand why we’re doing what we’re doing–to advocate for mental health support and break down stigma at scale,” Zak Williams said.