Rod Stewart Set to Release What He Considers ‘Best Album in Many a Year’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Rod Stewart entered 2021 celebrating his 76th birthday. Along the way, some things resurfaced from the rock star’s past, namely with one particular incident at a party back in 2019. As he awaits that upcoming hearing and a possible plea deal on the table, Stewart is focused on his craft. His craft, of course, being music.

Over the decades, he charted not only in the UK, but America as well. In 2004, Rod Stewart earned his first Grammy Award for “Stardust: The Great American Songbook.” Then in 2016, he earned one of the most esteemed titles and honors a British citizen can receive. They knighted him.

Still, Stewart describes his success and career as far from over. In fact, in talking to Rolling Stone, the rocker says his upcoming release of The Tears of Hercules in November might just be his “best album in many a year.”

Rod Stewart Excited About New Album

Although Rod Stewart planned to be deep into the thick of a world tour and Las Vegas residency this year, the pandemic quickly thwarted those plans. Still, the artist keeps plenty busy with writing and filming music videos. The upcoming release of The Tears of Hercules marks his 31st album.

What’s more is the fact that Stewart actually wrote nine of the 12 songs himself. For that reason, he is especially proud of the project and told Rolling Stone: “I’ve never said this before about any previous efforts, but I believe this is by far my best album in many a year.”

Helping him finish out the rest of the album were his long-time old touring pals. Namely, Kevin Savigar, a keyboardist/songwriter that has been working with him since 1978, and Emerson Stewart. Emerson is actually his touring guitarist.

The original content is a much-welcomed change for Rod Stewart’s fans, after he focused more on covers in the past. In a previous interview, he revealed: “I’d done a soul album. I’d done a rock [covers] album. I backed myself into an alley because there’s not much left to do except write.”

As you wait for that coveted November 12th release date, you can watch the music video for his “One More Time” in the meantime. The video already amassed over 120k views since its release yesterday. Check it out here:

Getting Back into the Live Music Scene

Besides the farming industry, the music industry accounted for one of the heaviest hit industries by the pandemic. A year ago, headlines flooded with canceled tours and one-off shows. The coming year might not fully be as booked as it used to, but there’s at least some hope for a return to normalcy with touring. Luckily for Rod Stewart and his fans, the rocker might just be returning to the stage soon, after all.

Stewart’s schedule includes plans to hit the road on October 2nd for a Nugget Event Center gig in Sparks, Nevada. His Las Vegas residency is also scheduled to return on October 6th. After that, a run of shows takes him to Australia and New Zealand in March 2022.

Finally, the American summer tour with Cheap Trick is finally set for July 1st, 2022 in Fort Worth Texas after multiple delays.