Rolling Stones Dedicate Emotional First Performance Back To Late Charlie Watts: ‘Let’s Have a Drink To Charlie’

by Jonathan Howard

Recently, Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones passed away. His bandmates all shared their own messages about their late friend. Watts was a pioneer behind the drum kit and is sorely missed by the rock ‘n roll community. The band recently played their first show since his passing and it was full of emotion.

For the first time in decades, the Stones went on stage without Watts in the back. On Tuesday, the band played a show as part of their No Filter tour. Prior to beginning, Mick Jagger and the rest of the band got the crowd together for a tribute to Watts.

As Jagger walked towards the crowd before him, he picked up a beer and raised it in honor of his late friend. “Let’s have a drink to Charlie!” he announced.

“Charlie, we’re playing for you man, we’re playing for you,” said bassist Ronnie Wood.

Without Charlie Watts behind the kit, the Rolling Stones are going to be touring with drummer Steve Jordan. The tour has not officially kicked off yet, but the show was done in front of a small crowd as a warmup before they take off. That first official show will be in St. Louis, Missouri on the 26th of September.

After Watts’ death was announced, there were messages from fans and musicians from all over the world. Watts had an impact far beyond words. Not only was he a respected artist, he was also a big reason the Rolling Stones stayed together for so long.

Charlie Watts Passed Away, 80 Years Old

On August 24, the news came out that Charlie Watts had passed away. After decades with the band, it is strange that he will no longer be on stage with them. Dedications and tributes poured out on Twitter and all over social media. It was touching to see so many people with their own stories about the late musician.

One story that resurfaced after his passing was the time Watts punched Mick Jagger in the face. While he has been cited as the main reason the Stones have stayed together so long, even he had his breaking point. It was in the 1980s when Jagger had fallen into the rock ‘n roll lifestyle too hard.

During an argument about whether to stay together or disband, Jagger took a jab at his drummer. The singer said, “None of this should matter to you because you’re only my drummer.” After harassing Watts a little further, he had had enough.

Charlie Watts went to Jagger’s room later that night and punched him square in the face. When Keith Richards asked what he had done, his reply was simple. “I’ve just punched Mick Jagger in the face.” An absolute legend.