Ron Howard and Brother Clint Appear on New York City Billboard Ahead of New Memoir Release

by Megan Molseed

The much-anticipated memoir is still a few hours away from its scheduled release. But, that doesn’t stop Ron Howard and his brother Clint’s upcoming book release The Boys from appearing on a major billboard. And, finding a spot on an editor’s Best Biographies & Memoirs list!

“The Boys is on a billboard in NYC!” Ron Howard said in an October 11 Twitter post. The post also featured a photo of the book’s cover; taking over the entirety of a big New York City billboard.

“Thrilled to be included in @amazonbooks editors’ Best Biographies & Memoirs of October,” the actor/director notes of the memoir just ahead of its October 12 release date.

Ron Howard’s Many Roles

The world watched as Ron Howard grew up on television.

From his role as the young Opie on the iconic CBS sitcom The Andy Griffith Show to the All-American teen Richie Cunnigham on Happy Days, Ron Howard has been a big part of television history.

The actor eventually expanded his on-camera experience to off-camera roles, becoming one of the world’s most well recognized, and award-winning, directors and producers.

When his father, Rance Howard passed away in 2017, Ron Howard began considering the idea of a memoir.

Then, a conversation with another iconic actor gave Ron Howard the push he needed as the idea grew.

“I had thought about it, and I’d been asked about it. I’d even talked to my friend Tom Hanks, about it,” the actor/director remembered.

“He said, ‘Sure you’ve had a fascinating life, but if you ever do write about it,'” Howard remembers. “‘I would focus on your childhood.'”

The longtime Hollywood star notes that during his conversation with Tom Hanks, he realized that this was a question most people were asking. And, one they wanted to hear about.

Telling The Story We All Want To Hear

“He asked the same question so many people have asked me all my life, which is, ‘What was it like to grow up on television?'” Howard notes in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview.

Ron Howard goes on to say that with these ideas, he and his brother Clint began exploring the stories they hoped to tell in the upcoming book.

“What really pulled us together was the opportunity to use our past and use those anecdotes that look backwards,” he explains.

“And all the humor and the nostalgia of that to tell a family story about our very unique parents,” the Hollywood icon continues. “And the very unique way in which they helped us navigate — to answer the Tom Hanks question — what was it like growing up on television.”

For Ron, this story was less about himself or Clint specifically. Instead, the story was in telling the tales of “Rance and Jean Howard’s kids.”

“Along these lines, [the book] looks at it from a parental perspective,” the star explains.

“There are a series of really great decisions they made and mistakes they avoided at every pivotal fork in the road,” said Howard. “Their common sense, their Midwestern zen, their logic and principles and morals led them to make really strong decisions on their behalf, and on ours as well.”