Ron Howard Went In-Depth on Henry Winkler and Tom Hanks’ Feud on Film Set

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Actor-director Ron Howard has many friendships in the world of entertainment. Two of them happen to be with Henry Winkler and Tom Hanks.

Winkler, who played “Fonzie” alongside Howard in ABC’s “Happy Days,” has known Howard since those days in the 1970s and remains close. Hanks, whom Howard has directed in five films, also has a friendship dating back to the 1980s.

Yet there is a time when both Winkler and Hanks were working on a movie called “Turner & Hooch.” Hanks plays a detective with a slobbering-yet-friendly dog as his sidekick.

Winkler was directing the film, but he and Hanks didn’t see eye to eye at all. Ultimately, Winkler was let go as director of the 1989 film.

While there was never a ton of vocal back-and-forth from the two, it was clear that the two weren’t on the same page. Further, things apparently deteriorated, which prompted both to approach Howard about the situation.

Years later, Howard opened up about the conflict.

Ron Howard Calls Winkler-Hanks Feud ‘Disappointing’

“It was disappointing,” Howard said in an interview with The Guardian. “I’m friends with them both and both men felt compelled to come to talk to me about it.

“I know it was painful for both of them and I was able to lend an ear, if not offer any solutions,” he said.

Howard, though, keeps inviting both men to his birthday party every year.

Winkler was asked about the situation in 2019 and he said, “I got along great … with the dog.” But he’s taking a softer tone now, replying to a similar question in 2020 by saying that there is no “feud.”

Howard Had Great Relationship With Andy Griffith

Millions of TV viewers know Ron Howard from “The Andy Griffith Show.” There remain lots of interest about Howard’s relationship with Griffith.

Griffith put together success in Broadway plays and movies. He played Will Stockdale in “No Time For Sergeants” on Broadway and on the big screen. He also was Lonesome Rhodes in “A Face in the Crowd.” In that movie, Griffith plays a character that people behind the scenes manipulate for TV.

But Griffith himself had a lot of personal demons around alcoholism and anger to deal with in his personal life. According to Cheat Sheet, Howard set the record straight regarding his connection with Griffith.

Ron Howard did ask his own father, actor Rance Howard, to help Griffith learn about making a father-son relationship real and authentic. It helped Howard and Griffith remain close on and off the TV screen for a long, long time.

Howard also has posted on Twitter several times about how he looks back at growing up on the show’s set. He mentions that he looked up to Griffith.