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Ron Howard Posts Heartwarming Behind-the-Scenes Pic of Him and Andy Griffith With Touching Message

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

If you couldn’t tell already, we here at Outsider are huge fans of The Andy Griffith Show. Andy Griffith and Ron Howard are two of the big reasons why we like the show so much.

Their relationship during the show was unlike any other on television. Even though it was a traditional sitcom, their relationship was new. Rather than Opie being a smart aleck like many other children on TV in those days, he was different.

Andy Griffith for that matter was different as well. The two characters on the show really respected each other. It made for a commendable relationship that many people at the time looked up to. More importantly, it made Sheriff Taylor the ideal father. Not only that, but it also made Opie the ideal son.

Together they ushered in a new era of sitcom television. However, their relationship extended well beyond the confines of father and son on the set. Ron Howard saw Andy Griffith as a model figure in his life. While he may not have been a second father to him, he was a role model that the young boy looked up to. The young actor sought the television star out for all kinds of advice.

So, in memory of Andy Griffith’s birthday, the now director took to his social media to share a picture. He also wrote a short blurb about the late television star.

“Andy would have turned 95 last Tuesday,” Ron Howard said, “As I say in “The Boys,” the memoir I wrote with my brother, Clint, Andy was 2nd only to Dad as the biggest male influence in my early life. (Dad took this photo.) Book comes out on October 12 & can be preordered here.”

Andy Griffith Shaped Ron Howard Into Who He Is Today

Andy Griffith was very influential in Ron Howard’s acting career. But, he was also respectful of him having fun on the set as well.

Because the actor was so young when he started the show, he was impressionable. Howard was so young, in fact, that his real father had to read his lines to him to learn them. He didn’t even know how to read initially.

The star of The Andy Griffith Show knew this and would always do his part in contributing to his learning. Howard once said that he “loved and respected Andy. He was a great influence setting many positive examples.”

The actor has always been very complimentary of the late actor. He noted that he was the glue that held the show together. From that experience, he learned how to be his own person—maintain his own responsibilities and teach others when the time came.

“He was really the rock upon which the show was built in every way,” Howard said in an interview with the Archive of American Television. “He was the one that established the tone of that set which was playful when it was appropriate to be having fun. But when it came time to make the show, do the shot, to get the joke, that was pretty serious.