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Ron Howard’s Brother Clint Gets in Christmas Spirit in New Photos

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Kevork S. Djansezian/Getty Images)

We all know former star of The Andy Griffith Show Ron Howard, but you may not know as much about his brother Clint. That’ll change here, as Clint Howard getting into the Christmas spirit in a new Instagram post is just what you likely needed.

Clint posted photos on Instagram of him spreading holiday cheer with a host of folks in Burbank, including the mayor, the fire department, and much more.

He captioned the post, “City of Burbank tree lighting ceremony heartwarming last night’s festivities! Thanks to Mayor of Burbank, Burbank’s Fire dept. police dept. Santa Mrs. C, Christmas dancers and Johnny Holiday what a treat! #holiday #christmastree #xmastree #mayor #whobris was the #mayorsassistant in the #grinch #santaclaus #santa #mrsclaus #burbank #firedept #policedepartment #community #happyholidays.”

Fans of Clint wrote, “Love it Clint Christmas is one of the best times of the year”

Another wrote, “Enjoying Burbank memories in your book! A great town, even if a bit different nowadays!😍”

Ron And Clint Howard Wrote A Book

Ron and Clint remain close brothers to this day. They even just wrote a book together.

Why write a book together, though? Well, the two grew up in the public eye as child actors so they offered a different perspective than what folks grow up into. Ron told Entertainment Weekly, “There were a few things. I had thought about it, and I’d been asked about it. I’d even talked to my friend Tom Hanks about it, he said, “Sure you’ve had a fascinating life, but if you ever do write about it, I would focus on your childhood.” That’s because whenever we’re sitting around on the set, those are the stories he wanted to hear about. He asked the same question so many people have asked me all my life, which is, “What was it like to grow up on television?”

It’s not about his adult life. Hanks told Howard that it would be more interesting to focus on his childhood rather than adulthood because of how unique it was for him to grow up the way he did.

He continued, “But what really pulled us together was the opportunity to use our past and use those anecdotes that look backwards and all the humor and the nostalgia of that to tell a family story about our very unique parents, and the very unique way in which they helped us navigate — to answer the Tom Hanks question — what was it like growing up on television. It was all about being Rance and Jean Howard’s kids. And that compelled us to tell the story, especially after Dad passed.”

It was also a way to honor their parents. They clearly loved them very much and saw this as an opportunity to do something nice for all they did for them as kids growing up.