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Ron Jeremy Apartment Photos Emerge and They Are Concerning

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Aaron J. Thornton / Contributor / Getty Images)

New photos from an apartment belonging to former porn star Ron Jeremy look like a scene from “Hoarders.” The images show Jeremy’s Hollywood apartment infested with cockroaches and covered in filth.

A woman, who chose to remain anonymous, said she entered the 67-year-old’s one-bedroom apartment in 2017. She entered in hopes of using the restroom. However, the sight of Jeremy’s apartment came as a shock. She then began snapping pictures. The woman shared the photos with Daily Mail.

“It was disgusting, I was so shocked,” she said. “You could hardly open the front door and you couldn’t get in the bathroom at all.”

She continued by adding: “There was trash piled up, old porn memorabilia stuffed in overflowing boxes. His kitchen table looked like an unkempt outside porch, there were plants that had grown around the table legs and into the floor. I honestly thought he was on that show ‘Hoarders.’ There were cans of roach spray left on the side, piles of medication, books, DVDs, paperwork and he had pet turtles.”

The images show Jeremy’s lounge littered with dozens of boxes stacked up several feet high. In one particular corner of the apartment lies a pile of discarded pill bottles labeled with his real name, Ron J. Hyatt.

Ron Jeremy Contrives Situation to Meet Women

The woman, a New York Flight Attendant, says she met Jeremy while in Los Angeles. She claims he established a contrived situation in order to meet women.

“It was during the day and I saw him outside this store, he had a camera guy with him and was being filmed and we started talking,” the woman said. “Later he said the guy was his driver but I quickly worked out it was someone he was just hanging out with. Then I realized the camera they were carrying around didn’t actually work, it was fake and all a ruse to meet women.”

The woman says Jeremy invited her to have a drink after meeting on the strip. “I thought, ‘It’s Ron Jeremy,’ I figured it would be fun,” she said. “He said he had to pick something up from his apartment and I went with him. He asked me to stay in the lobby but he was gone a while and I needed the bathroom so called him and he came down to bring me up.”

While in the apartment, the woman claims Jeremy aggressively came on to her. “He said, ‘Come check the view on the porch,'” she said. “He came from behind and came on pretty aggressively and I was like, ‘Back off.'”

Despite his advances, she didn’t panic. “It was unwanted but I could handle it, I’m no gilded lily.”

After her own experiences, the woman explains it came as no surprise when Jeremy was hit with rape allegations. Authorities charged Jeremy with rape in June. He currently awaits trial.

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