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Rosanna Arquette Calls for End of July 4th Fireworks Shortly After Declaring to Kneel for Anthem for ‘Rest of Her Life’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Brittany Murray/MediaNews Group/Long Beach Press-Telegram via Getty Images)

Desperately Seeking Susan‘s Rosanna Arquette says celebratory fireworks “pollute the atmosphere and cause anxiety with the noise.”

As American continues on in Independence Day spirit, actor Rosanna Arquette is taking the chance to speak out against the heavy use of fireworks in holiday celebrations. Her statement comes days after proclaiming she will “kneel in solidarity” to the American flag and national anthem for “the rest of her life.”

Arquette does so as a form of protest that has been highly-publicized since it began with Colin Kaepernick’s NFL gesture in 2016.

“I don’t you know about you, but if the flag and ‘Star Spangled Banner’ comes around me, I kneel in solidarity. And will for the rest of my life,” the actor states in the original tweet.

Tuesday, she follows this statement with her stance on fireworks, citing the “well-being of Mother Earth and humans.”

“I love fireworks but boy do they pollute the atmosphere and cause anxiety with the noise in some,” she writes on her official Twitter. “At some point we are going to have to give up some things  for the the well-being of Mother Earth and humans to survive.”

Rosanna Arquette has been outspoken on Twitter for years now on issues ranging from gun violence to immigration, to patriotism and environmentalism.

The 61-year-old talent has 193,000 followers as of this article. The actor uses her platform to push for changes she wishes to see in the world. Her followers are also joining in with suggestions that Arquette herself is now taking to.

Could Drone & Laser Shows Replace Fireworks? Rosanna Arquette Thinks So

As for context on her latest tweet, fireworks themselves are indeed a known, proven trigger for a variety of people. Most notably, the loud explosions can be traumatic for veterans who served in our military. Those who suffer from PTSD have it even worse.

In response to Arquette’s tweet, Fox News suggests that “people who wish to shoot off fireworks check with their neighbors to avoid potentially causing an episode related to PTSD.”

Moreover, large fireworks displays have been proven to have a negative impact on the environment, Forbes states. The explosives leave behind “significant air pollution” alongside “toxic chemicals” that then linger in our air, water, and soil. This, of course, has far wider-reaching implications on flora and fauna, as well as us humans, too.

And there are alternatives. As one commenter notes, “Drone and lazer shows with holograms would be awesome instead,” prompting Rosanna Arquette to quickly agree.

This is an angle that Forbes suggests, noting that such displays are already taking place in countries like China.

Americans giving up a heartfelt tradition to fall in line with China, however, does not seem a likely solution.

On the opposite side of this coin, other celebrities are looking to provide for local communities with fireworks. Will Smith did so this Fourth of July for the entire city of New Orleans. By footing $100,000 for their entire fireworks show, Smith gave the city their first post-COVID celebration in kind.