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Rosanne Cash Joins Katie Couric in Recent Stars to Be Featured on New York Times Crossword

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Rosanne Cash, the daughter of country royalty is the newest addition to be an answer in the popular New York Times crossword puzzle.

The March 21st edition of The New York Times gave the clue “GRAMMY WINNING SINGER CASH” with space for a seven-letter word. The answer was ROSANNE, of course.

Cash posted an image of the crossword puzzle on Twitter. Her name filled the seven spaces with bold writing in all-caps. She captions the tweet by writing, “Mr. L always tells me I’m a puzzle…” Of course, the famous female country artist is talking about her husband, musician John Leventhal.

The Newest “New York Times” Answer

The eldest daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash has her father’s talents of being a singer-songwriter and guitarist. She’s much more than just the daughter of a country legend. Rosanne is creating her own waves in the country, Americana, and folk genres, and has been doing so for years. She is an accomplished writer and author, as well.

Rosanne Cash is the winner of a Grammy and has been nominated for 12 others. On top of being a winner and nominee of this prestigious award, Cash has managed to find even more success throughout her long career. She has had 11 No. 1 country hit singles, 21 Top 40 country singles, and two gold records. She even won three more Grammy awards in 2015.

The 65-year-old released her debut album in 1978. She’s never stopped rocking, and there’s no sign of her slowing down anytime soon.

Couric & Cash: Two Winning Women

Previous to Rosanne landing her spot in the puzzle, “Jeopardy!” guest host Katie Couric was also an answer on another edition. The journalist and television personality was more than enthused and tweeted about how it was the icing on top of an already great week.

The New York Times crossword puzzle has been a popular pastime among the newspaper’s readers for over 100 years. It’s somewhat of an honor to be included as an answer.

I believe both of the talented women got quite a kick out of being an answer to a crossword puzzle in one of the world’s highest-renowned newspapers.

Needless to say, Johnny would be proud of his little girl.