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RPM Tweets To NFL’s Antonio Williams Hours After Bubba Wallace Exit

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace announced via Twitter that following the 2020 NASCAR season, he will be leaving the RPM team. Richard Petty Motorsports told The Athletic, “We look forward to the next chapter in the making for the iconic No. 43 team,” adding that a new driver will be announced soon. They have yet to publicly announce the change or driver’s exit. While they haven’t posted on the Bubba Wallace news, RPM’s Twitter has been active towards another athlete. The Twitter account replied to NFL’s Antonio Williams about his interest in NASCAR.

The NFL player tweeted “Anybody have any NASCAR connections?” He quickly got responses from many involved in the sport. NASCAR replied to Antonio Williams saying, “We may know some people! 🏎🤝🏈” Marty Smith, a sports-journalist known for his NASCAR coverage on ESPN, writes, “Yeah man. Don’t hesitate to reach out.” Charlotte Motor Speedway, home of the annual Coca-Cola 600, added “We know a guy.😏”

Of course, among those replies is Richard Petty Motorsports, giving their first social media post since Bubba Wallace’s announcement of departure. RPM says, “Let us know how we can help,” tagging Antonio Williams.

One user replied to the Motorsport team, joking, “you guys do need a new driver.” The timing is undoubtedly ironic as they just lost their driver and now reach out to “help” the football star. Though the chances are extremely slim that fans will see Williams suit up into an RPM #43 rather than a Buffalo Bills #26 next season, the Twitter interaction is amusing.

While nine races remain before the team and driver part ways, NASCAR fans continue to look for an announcement on Bubba Watson’s team selection. Similarly, fans are wondering who Richard Petty Motorsports may take on as their new star driver. The team has NASCAR viewers on the edge of their seats, as they told The Athletic, “we will announce our new driver in the near future.”