Russell Crowe Announces Champion Cutting Horse Honey Has Passed Away

by Jonathan Howard

There’s nothing like the bond between a man and his animal. Russell Crowe is mourning the loss of his horse, Honey, of roughly 22 years. The horse herself was 29-years-old. Crowe took her in and she spent the majority of her life with the award-winning actor. A cutting horse, Honey was trained in separating and isolating cattle and livestock from a herd.

A lot is said about man and dog. However, there are a number of great animals, especially farm animals, that people can bond closely with. If you’ve ever had a good rooster, you know what I’m talking about. And, when it comes to horses, those bonds run just as deep if not deeper than with our canine and feline house pets.

Crowe seems to be taking the news a little hard. But, Honey was his friend of 22 years. That’s a friendship that runs deep. Especially when you consider the fact they starred in a film together.

“Some sad news,” the actor posted to social media. “At 29 years of age. Champion cutting horse, mother of two, movie star… my amazing Honey has passed away. She spent nearly 22 years of her life living with me.”

Russell Crowe rode his horse Honey in the film The Water Diviner. He rode his own horse in a film. Something that few in Hollywood can say. Crowe is a lover of all things equine and has stated in the past his love for horses that he has worked with on film.

He was more than proud to show off his horse and friend over the years. He shared pictures just last year featuring himself and a number of horses that he rode in films.

Russell Crowe Fans Give Well Wishes After Horse News

Of course, fans of Russell Crowe have been sharing in the mourning over Honey the horse. A cutting horse is a valuable thing to have. It’s one of the most specialized skills horses can have, and it takes a lot of trust between rider and beast. Over the years, fans have seen Crowe’s posts. Like this one of Honey and her sons.

There are a lot of horse people that are fans of Crowe. They started to come out with photos and videos of their own pets and friends. Horses just have a certain thing about them. An animal that can work, can be used for recreation, and act as a companion. Here’s a great message from a one horse lover to the actor.

So, the news is unfortunate. Russell Crowe is going to mourn the loss of his horse for a little while. 22 years is such a long time. 29 years of life for a horse is remarkable as well. Next time you see a Crowe movie and he’s on a horse, maybe you’ll think of Honey. Or, maybe you’ll see her in action in The Water Diviner.