‘S.W.A.T’: Is Chris Alonso Getting Less Screen Time in Season 5?

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

A TV fan website had a short, but assuring answer for Lina Esco’s return for “S.W.A.T.” Season 5.

A question came up with a fan wondering if Esco, who plays Officer Christina “Chris” Alonzo, would be back for the upcoming season.

TV Line just came out and assured fans that “Esco is still a series regular this season.” 

Well, that’s good enough for me. 

One fan just point-blank asked Esco if she was gone.

Needless to say, she didn’t respond.

As recently as June, Esco was sharing “S.W.A.T.” memories from the show.

More ‘S.W.A.T.’ Time for Esco?

Cinemablend recently teased more storylines for Street and Esco’s characters. The website thanked “S.W.A.T.” co-creator and executive producer Shawn Ryan for that.

Last season finished with a kiss between the two to the fans’ delight. 

TVLine asked Ryan after he previewed some “big changes” for the S.W.A.T. officers, saying writers were aware of the fans’ interest in the couple.

“We have every intention in providing some closure about it this season,” he said. “Big changes are in store for the two of them.”

What those changes, I guess we’ll have to wait. Just a few weeks, however. The “S.W.A.T.” season premiere is Oct. 1.

Former “S.W.A.T.” Cast Member Had Abrupt Exit

If Esco’s rumored exit was scary for fans, it wouldn’t be the first time that happened on the “S.W.A.T.” show.

Stephanie Sigmon, who played Captain Jessica Cortez, was involved with the show from the start. Cortez was an on-again, off-again girlfriend of Shemar Moore’s Hondo character in a typical plot storyline.

According to Looper, fans seemed warm to Sigmon’s portrayal of the character, and she was on the show until Season 3’s premiere.

When the plot came out that Cortez took a job with the F.B.I. and it became a permanent situation, many fans felt left in the lurch. 

Amy Farrington stepped up into the role of Lt. Detective Piper Lynch after Sigmon left. Farrington now is in a recurring role.

The now 34-year-old Sigmon eventually posted on social media to let the fans know she was off the show. She published her news in a 2019 Tweet.

However, she hasn’t continued acting as there are no additional credits for the Mexican actress on IMDB.

Moore Teases Fans Again

“S.W.A.T.” actor/producer Shemar Moore posted a full-gear photo of himself on Thursday.

With the season premiere weeks away, one has to wonder if this shot is from a past episode or a future one.

With details of the first episode in Mexico, you must wonder if it’s an old photo. But then again, what’s not to like for fans who just want to see Moore’s Hondo back in action after Season 4’s tough ending.