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Sadie Robertson Huff Has ‘Good News’ for New Daughter Honey in Adorable Post About Husband

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

 It feels near-impossible for Sadie Robertson & husband Christian Huff to have an unhappy baby, just look at Honey’s parents together!

“GOOD NEWS HONEY,,, YOUR DAD IS MY BEST FRIEND & HE IS GOING TO KEEP US LAUGHING FOREVER!!!” exclaims new mom Sadie Robertson Huff in her latest Instagram post.

Indeed, the newest member of the Duck Dynasty family is here, and Honey looks as sweet as her namesake. Sadie Robertson Huff often gives her followers up-and-close looks at her brand new baby girl. With them, too, comes glimpses of her marriage to Christian. And by all accounts, these two look like a match made in heaven.

For Friday’s post, Sadie shares multiple videos of her husband being an absolute goofball in the best of ways. From putting on his wife’s Secret deodorant just before Honey’s birth, to making up dances to the sound of their baby girl’s heartbeat while wearing a “girl dad” t-shirt – Christian Huff seems every bit the treasure that Sadie Robertson is.

Check out the clips for yourself below, courtesy of Huff’s official Instagram, and bask in the happiness that is this beautiful family:

Sadie Robertson Huff’s Baby Girl, Honey, is Beyond Precious

Sadie gave birth to Honey, her first child, on May 11, 2021. Fans, friends, and family have been busy welcoming tiny Honey James Huff into the world this month. With Honey making her debut days after mom’s projected due date, it’s wonderful to see them both smiling and thriving, too.

By Robertson Huff’s generosity with her personal life, followers were recently treated to the most adorable look at Honey yet. Within, Sadie gently sways Honey’s arms to their Sunday jams while the tiny one sports an adorable pink knitted jumper. The next slide is a beautiful shot of tiny Honey smiling from ear to ear. Someone loves Sundays, indeed!

As for Honey’s adorable name, Robertson Huff has been forthcoming with details there, too. In Outsider’s own coverage of Honey’s birth, we delved into all the backstory Sadie has given on her daughter’s chosen name. It’s a slew of adorable stories, and something all Duck Dynasty & Sadie Robertson Huff fans will want to read.

In short: Honey’s name is as much a testament to her parent’s love as she is herself. Outsider is thrilled for these two lovebirds and their healthy baby girl, and we wish them all the best in life from here on out!