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Sadie Robertson Huff Opens Up on Social Media Break with Cute Photo of Honey

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images)

Since starring in Duck Dynasty, Sadie Robertson Huff has become a social media sensation. Her positive messages and sweet family photos have added a bit of brightness to her fans’ feeds. Once her husband, Christian Huff, and daughter, Honey James, came into the picture, Robertson Huff was more than happy to share some of their sillier moments as well as their many adventures together.

Through the years, Sadie Robertson Huff has created a welcoming and loving atmosphere around her page, but sometimes, even the most inspiring social media stars need a break from the constant buzz. So, to regain some clarity, she decided to take a break from her pages.

 According to the Duck Dynasty star, she “spent the week enjoying family and decided to spend it social media free for the most part and it was a breath of fresh air!”

Of course, after the week-long break, Robertson Huff shared what she had learned from the experience. Ever the introspective social media star, she often reminds her fans to be grateful for the little things. When she wasn’t spending time with her precious family, Sadie Robertson Huff decided to do something she hasn’t done in a long time.

“I even read a 500 page book which I never do,” she added, “maybe I’m not a slow reader after all, maybe I’m just a distracted one! I might also add it was the best book ever. Redeeming love if you haven’t read it go get it rn. it’s amazing what happens when you clear some mind space!! My mind feels renewed.”

Sadie Robertson Huff Celebrates Thanksgiving and Anniversary

Before Sadie Robertson Huff took a break from social media, she celebrated two very important events in her life – Honey’s first Thanksgiving and her second wedding anniversary. It just so happened that the two fell on the same day this year, and the Duck Dynasty star couldn’t have been happier. She took the opportunity to share her appreciation for her loving husband and daughter.

“our anniversary on thanksgiving… very very fitting,” Sadie Robertson Huff shared. “I’m so thankful for you Christian Huff and the family we have!”

She also reflected on how much she and Christian have grown in just two years, thanks in part to their little bundle of joy.

“Two years and our hearts have grown. Our love has expanded. Our faith has risen.”

She continued, “Our joy has strengthened. Our world has been rocked in the best way by an angel named Honey. Gosh, I can’t wait to see what the next two look like and then the 70 after that!”