Sadie Robertson Huff Pens Emotional Words About Daughter Honey Paired with Adorable Family Photo

by Quentin Blount

Sadie Robertson Huff took to social media on Tuesday afternoon to pen an emotional message to her two-week-old daughter, Honey.

The Duck Dynasty star has come a long way since she was on the show. And after just giving birth a couple of weeks ago to her daughter, there is no doubt that she has changed profoundly from the experience. But she says that she still is trying to find the words to express how she feels.

“It’s been 2 weeks and I still haven’t found the words to use to express the love I feel for our sweet Honey,” Robertson wrote on Instagram. “I don’t know that I ever will find the words, but I will chase after them my whole life!”

With her post on Tuesday, however, she is definitely on the right track. Robertson also shared five of the most adorable photos of her, her husband, Christian Huff, and of course, little Honey James. She credits her religion and faith for making her the mother that she is.

“It’s amazing to look at these pictures and notice the way we look at our baby and think about the love that God has for us,” says Sadie Robertson. “The way He feels when He looks down at us with perfect love. The thought of perfect love has become completely overwhelming. Our love for Honey, although the strongest love we’ve felt, is flawed. It is tangled up with fear and our own selfish ways, yet it is all that we have to give.”

“But all the while, there is grace for all of it, because of God, her father and ours covers it all,” she continues. “He washes the three of us with His grace, His love, His gladness, His beauty, His strength, and His perfection.”

Sadie Robertson Huff Calls Daughter Honey a ‘Miracle’

Sadie Robertson Huff has made sure to keep her fans updated throughout every stage of her pregnancy. And we can expect her to do much of the same now that she has given birth to her little “miracle.”

“I’m amazed and in awe staring at this miracle. Knowing that I can love her with everything in me, but that it will never touch the love God has for her and for me and Christian is the greatest gift we have,” Sadie Robertson wrote. “Every week unlocks new truths and more of the awe and wonder of the creator as we stare at such a wonderful creation.”