Sadie Robertson Huff Says Her Baby Has ‘Some Greats to Look Up to’ in New Pregnancy Update

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff is showing off her baby bump yet again on social media. However this time, she is pictured with a couple of generations of family.

Fans have gotten sneak peeks from Sadie Robertson all throughout the star’s pregnancy. It seems that day by day, she continues to overflow with excitement about becoming a first-time mother. And on Friday, she took to social media yet again to share that excitement with her fans and followers.

After officially hitting the 35-week mark in her pregnancy last week, Robertson’s newest photo comes just after her most recent ultrasound. And by her side in the photo is her grandmother and great-grandmother. It must have definitely been a special moment for the ladies to share together.

Sadie Robertson posted the multi-generational photo saying that her baby girl will have “some greats to look up to.”

“Baby girls great grandma and great great grandma got to come with us to our ultrasound today 😍” Sadie Robertson captioned her photo. “Such a special moment. She has some GREATS to look up to!”

Robertson’s latest Instagram post has since racked up nearly 200,000 likes in just a couple of hours since going live.

Meanwhile, one of the top comments on the post comes from a fan who asks what we are all thinking.

“So awesome she has greats to get to know when she arrives ❤️” allymahon77 commented. “Also your family looks amazing! What’s your secret? 😂”

Ally definitely has a point. Not only will Sadie Robertson’s baby girl have some greats to look up to, but she will also be born with some pretty incredible genetics.

Sadie Robertson Finishing Up Travels Before Giving Birth

Prior to Friday’s post, Sadie Robertson shared some pictures from her recent travel trips. And she is sporting her adorable baby bump in those photos as well.

“Love carrying you around 🙂 we are on our second to last travel trip with you in me🤍” Robertson captioned a post from last week. “Can’t wait for you to see what I’m seeing baby girl 😍”

When she finally does give birth to her and Christian Huff’s baby girl, they will be able to enjoy their travels as a family of three.

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