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Watch: Sadie Robertson Huff Says Her Mom, Korie, Suspects She’s Pregnant

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Paul Archuleta / Contributor / Getty Images)

Sadie Robertson Huff is opening up about married life. According to the Duck Dynasty star, her mom, Korie Robertson, thinks she’s pregnant “every single time” they talk.

During an interview with People, the 23-year-old newlywed talked about how frequently her mother and others suspect that she’s expecting. “That is the question that I get every day of my life,” she says. “I’ll be like, ‘Mom, I have to tell you something.’ And then she’ll be there and I’ll just watch her take a deep breath and be like, ‘Ok, what are you going to tell me?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m not pregnant.’ Like every single time we talk she thinks I’m pregnant.”

When asked if she might expand her family in the near future, Sadie says: “We’ll see. We’ll see. I’ll just surprise everybody when that happens.”

The daughter of Korie and Willie Robertson also spoke about getting far more familiar with her husband since the coronavirus pandemic began. “We’ve learned so much about each other,” she said. “Because when we dated, we were long distance the whole time. And then we get married and we’re quarantined together. So we definitely got to know each other a lot. Made up for all lost time.”

Earlier in August, during a live event, Sadie Robertson shared a revealing story about a past relationship. She posted on Instagram about two boys laughing at her in her vulnerability. Her husband, Christian Huff, then confronted the boys. Sadie spoke up about how much she loves having a partner like Christian in her corner.

“Oh my gosh it’s amazing,” she said. “It’s the best. Because I feel like a lot of times when you, you know, have a big platform or you’re doing something with a stage involved, it can feel a little isolating. And you can just start to feel like, ‘Oh man does anybody get the pressure or whatever.’ Not that so many people don’t cause so many people do. But that’s just the lie you can tell yourself.”

She continues by saying: “But having a man in my life who is so strong and so confident and just defend me in moments like that. It was the best moment ever. I just saw him walk over, tap them on the shoulder and I’m like, ‘He’s got it taken care of.’ And, you know, I didn’t have to go home and be like, ‘They laughed at me.'”

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