Sadie Robertson Huff Teases Upcoming Event in All-Smiles Photo: ‘Can Not Wait’

by Keeli Parkey

Sadie Robertson Huff appears to be very busy these days. In addition to experiencing the early days of her daughter’s life, the “Duck Dynasty” reality star is also preparing for a very special upcoming event.

The 24-year-old daughter of Willie Robertson and his wife, Korie Robertson, shared a little bit about the occasion in a social media post shared on Monday, Aug. 9. Her special event is the @losisterapp conference.

“I had a great meeting today with our city discussing all of the details for the @losisterapp conference,” Sadie Robertson Huff shared on Instagram on Aug. 9.

The reality television star, and mother to the adorable Honey James Huff, also shared that she is very excited to see the conference become a reality.

“We seriously can not WAIT to host y’all!!!” Sadie also shared.

In the Instagram caption, which accompanied a photo of her wearing trainers and a blazer, Sadie Robertson Huff also shared her hopes for the upcoming conference. She also asked her fans and followers to share their well-wishes with a higher power.

“Believing big things for this conference! Be praying with us!!!” Sadie also shared.

While she is busy preparing for the approaching event, the “Duck Dynasty” star is also looking ahead to the future.

“Alsooo if we just so happened to do it again next year and we just so happened to have a lot more seats available who would come?!?” she asked her fans on social media.

Sadie Robertson Huff Shares Her Faith, Encouragement With Others Through LO Sister App

According to the Instagram account for the LO Sister App, Sadie Robertson Huff shares an inspiring message with others. She does so, according to the account, through “bible studies, mentorship, workshops and more.”

The LO Sister App’s website shares even more details about this project from the former “Duck Dynasty” star.

“LO sister app, founded by your sister and friend Sadie Rob Huff, provides encouragement and resources for you to be your most original self, aka the version of yourself God created you to be. We believe that when we know ‘Whose’ we are, we have a better understanding of ‘who’ we truly are,” the website states.

Sadie Robertson Huff talks about her Christian faith in a post shared to the LO Sister App Instagram account.

“… but he didn’t let that insecurity. He didn’t let that shame. … didn’t let that hurt wound him so bad that he sat bound in bitterness. He stood up and he said, ‘yes,’ that is what my God can and will do, because that is the gift my God has given me,” Sadie shared in the social media post. “We need people who are willing to let go of some of the hurt people have put on us. To let go of some of the some shame we have sat in …”